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Mysterious Dying Light 3 teaser is totally not that, says Techland

Dying Light 2 developer Techland is outwardly gauging interest in Dying Light 3, following a cryptic tweet about improvements for the next PS5 and Xbox outing.

Solider in the game Dying Light 2

If you ever wanted to smash up zombies and do some epic parkour moves that’d make Michael Scott proud, then Dying Light 2 is likely the game for you. Though, if you’ve already ran, rolled, and ripped your way through Techland’s open-world RPG, you might be wondering if Dying Light 3 could be on the cards. The Call of Juarez developer could be putting the feelers out for a potential sequel, although the developer has a disclaimer for fans to follow.

Over on their Twitter page, Dying Light 2 helmer and franchise director Tymon Smektala is testing out some new ideas with fans, that may just appear in Dying Light 3. However, the director warns “DISCLAIMER: This is not Dying Light 3 announcement.” Yet, Smektala is stoking the fires of interest: “But, we were chatting today overseeing [the] last details for the [Dying Light 2] Gut Feeling update (3 days to go!), and we couldn’t agree [on one thing].”

The element that Smektala and his team are struggling with is “if we do Dying Light 3, [who] would you be most excited if the main hero was (as a ‘profession’).” Presented with three choices, fans vocalise their approval for the roles of: “Just a Survivor, Nightrunner, Pilgrim, [and or] GRE Agent (turned good).” The poll currently has a definitive winner, with the former option rising to the top of player opinions.

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The Global Relief Effort are a humanitarian organisation in the Dying Light universe, with connections to the Ministry of Defense. Their presence in the first game is extremely elusive, mainly appearing via radio commands and dropping off the vital resource known as Antizin – which acts as a cure for the zombie virus, albeit temporarily.

Fans of the franchise are pitching in their ideas in response to Smektala, with ‘PRabbitholes‘ suggesting that it’d be interesting to “make a custom character to some extent, personally. Choose a gender, choose a voice (or optionally leave the character voiceless), and have the choice to choose a background that can slightly influence story choices.”

Conversely, Dying Light 2 player ‘RespawnedGentlemen‘ adds “I think this is an interesting idea for DL3, just be a regular survivor and have the game be more of a survival horror type game. Or at least have some of those elements. Being terrified of going outside and having the zombies be the main threat would be amazing.”

Smektala is likely just connecting with the game’s passionate fanbase, but stranger things have happened. However, Dying Light 2’s promise to deliver five years of content might put a spanner in the works there. The latest Dying Light 2 update, Gut Feeling, arrives on April 20 and introduces a bevvy of new features, gear and more to explore. So before it arrives makes you’ve got the best Dying Light 2 crafting items and learn how to invite your friends for the ultimate thrill ride.