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Dragon Age Dreadwolf PS5 and Xbox launch expected before March 2025

The Dragon Age Dreadwolf release window looks to be cemented, with a March 2025 deadline set based on reports from EA and Eurogamer.

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After a decade of waiting for Dragon Age Dreadwolf to materialize on PS5 and Xbox, EA has finally begun to lay out its cards when it comes to Dreadwolf’s release date. After the publisher revealed “two unannounced titles” are expected to launch by March 31, 2025 in its latest earnings report, Eurogamer claims that BioWare’s eagerly anticipated RPG is one of them.

“We have two unannounced titles in FY25: one partner title expected in Q4, and one owned IP title,” the full quote from EA’s earning slide reads. Considering the slew of recent rumors as well as EA’s release slate, it’s fairly obvious that the “owned IP title” in question is Dragon Age Dreadwolf – EA’s owned RPG game maker BioWare since 2007.

At the beginning of March, Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb stated that BioWare was “quietly confident” in a late-2024 Dragon Age Dreadwolf release date. While a big Summer Games Fest reveal next month, followed by months of marketing leading to a holiday season launch sounds about right for a game of this magnitude, there’s always a chance of a 2025 launch considering Dreadwolf’s development has been anything but smooth.

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Having started life with the codename ‘Joplin,’ Dragon Age Dreadwolf was initially intended to be a more modestly-sized endeavor. However, devs were shipped across to help out with the ill-fated Mass Effect Andromeda and Anthem, before the game was eventually put on ice in 2017 as it lacked a live-service monetization route – vintage EA.

Fortunately, production on the new PS5 game and new Xbox game restarted under the codename ‘Morrison’ a year later, though this time it had a live-service element. The good news is that this was scrapped in early 2021, leaving us today with the single-player RPG sequel we always wanted – well, as long as it’s good, that is.

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Although I wouldn’t be surprised if our return ticket to Thedas turns out to be invalid until early 2025 – the back end of EA’s window as reported by Eurogamer – I’m quietly confident that we won’t be waiting until that long. GamesBeat reported in March last year that BioWare was getting all hands on deck for Dreadwolf’s post-production, though just how much work remains from all the chopping and changing over the years remains unclear.

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