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Is Disney Speedstorm free to play?

Find out when you can hit the track in Gameloft's latest Disney concoction that packs racers from a variety of franchises together without paying.

Disney Speedstorm Free To Play: A racer can be seen

Disney Speedstorm will be free to play when it exits early access in late 2023/early 2024. However, right now the game cannot be played for free on consoles or PC. Instead, you have to buy one of the three Founder’s Packs to get access to the game over the next six to 12 months.

The Disney Speedstorm Founder’s Packs are premium bundles of cosmetics, unlocks, and currency that you can buy alongside access to the game. These bundles all contain a variety of different skins and items for Disney Speedstorm with each pack getting more expensive as more is included. This is similar to how we have seen a number of other early access releases come out, as well as Gameloft’s own Disney Dreamlight Valley.

So, while you cannot jump in for free right now, the simplest way to play is with the cheapest Founder’s Pack option, or if you want to keep the kids busy and glued to the high-octane action, at least until the free-to-play launch. But, there are some warning signs to watch out for, the game is filled with microtransactions so be sure they can’t spend any money.

While you wait for Disney Speedstorm to go free to play, there are a number of other games you can play right now without dropping any money. You can check some of these out in our best free shooting games guide. And, if you want to read up on all the Disney Speedstorm characters before you jump in, we have that information too!