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There’s a new way for you to test the best Diablo 4 builds now

If you want to tackle some foes before risking your character, Diablo 4 has you covered with a newly-introduced Training Dummy feature.

Diablo 4 update 1.2.1. Training Dummy: an image of Neyrelle from the RPG

If you’re someone who enjoys tinkering with their Diablo 4 character, but you never know whether the build you have is as good as it could be, you’re in luck. Blizzard is introducing a brand-new way for players to test their attacks and see how much damage they deal without risking their characters in open conflict. Update 1.2.1 adds a Diablo 4 Training Dummy to Sanctuary and you may just want to give it a visit when you’re next playing.

Whether you’re checking out one of the best Diablo 4 classes for the first time or trying to make sure you’re using one of the best Diablo 4 builds, Blizzard is adding a new Training Dummy to Diablo 4 for players to test their attacks and combos against. We know this isn’t exactly something that immediately screams ‘this is one of the best RPG games of all time’, but it’s a fantastic Quality of Life feature and could be life-saving for those of you trying out new tactics on higher-difficulty World Tiers.

As the latest Diablo 4 patch notes explain, the Training Dummy can be found in an underground room located in Kyovashad and players can head down into this practice room to test their attacks against a “new inanimate and un-killable foe”.

In this room, you’ll find a Stash – so you can swap between any new Season of Blood uniques you have – and a Training Dummy. You’ll be able to choose whether you’re attacking one Training Dummy or a group of them and whether they’re “Normal, Elite, or Boss monster difficulty”. There’s no mention of them being able to attack you back, so we would assume this is a reference to how much health and durability they’ll have.

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The latest update also adds a “Refund All” button to Paragon Boards and increases the amount of Potent Blood the Blood Wells drop. It’s going from one pile of 45 to 60 Potent Blood to eight piles of five to nine Potent Blood. So, you should find this resource easier to collect moving forward.

If you would rather show off your combat skills outside of Kyovoshad, though, Diablo 4 is teaming up with Buffy the Vampire Slayer herself for a new contest asking fans to showcase their slaying skills for $800 of prizes. Oh, and you can also pick up some free Diablo 4 tier skips right now – which is never a bad thing.