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Diablo 4 Butcher spawn locations, rewards, and how to beat

This hulking monstrosity returns with a vengeance. Here’s the Diablo 4 Butcher spawn locations, rewards, and how to beat the Butcher on PS5, PS4, Xbox, or PC.

Diablo 4 Butcher: Artwork of the Butcher, holding their iconic weapons.

The Butcher is one of the most iconic characters in the series, so long time fans will be pleased to hear that they have made a surprising return in the latest entry. Here’s everything there is to know about the Diablo 4 Butcher spawn locations, rewards, and how to beat this powerful boss.

Before you take on the Diablo 4 Butcher boss, be warned that they are very strong. Without the best Diablo 4 builds, or the help of others in Diablo 4 multiplayer, you will likely die very, very quickly. Knowing the best class can also give you the upper hand on this beast, so take a look at the Diablo 4 tier list to avoid an untimely death. With that said, there are some good rewards up for grabs.

Diablo 4 Butcher spawn locations and time

The Diablo 4 Butcher spawn locations and times are random during any dungeon run, where the Butcher will occasionally spawn as a mini boss.

While there’s no guaranteed way to find the Butcher, you’ll know you’re on the right track when you see a large enemy running towards you screaming “Fresh meat”. Once you hear that phrase, prepare to fight for your life against this hulking foe from hell. You’ll only have a short time to defeat the Butcher if they appear, so try to deal as much damage as you can without dying.

Diablo 4 Butcher rewards

The rewards for killing the Butcher in Diablo 4 are an array of random loot drops, including The Butcher’s Cleaver, a Diablo 4 Unique item.

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This is a one-of-a-kind one-handed axe with great stats for a Barbarian, though any of the Diablo 4 classes could find use out of it.

How to beat the Butcher in Diablo 4

To defeat the Butcher in Diablo 4, you’ll need to have a strong build, complete with high-stat armor and weapons. 

Even then the Butcher is a tough fight that will test your abilities. Keep in mind that they have relatively slow attacks, so stay on your toes and dodge around the Butcher while dealing as much damage as you can. Longer range characters such as the Sorcerer or Rogue might have an easier time beating the Butcher in Diablo 4 as they can keep their distance. On the other hand, the Barbarian and Druid are often more tanky, so they can withstand more of the Butcher’s attacks.

To get better gear and improve your odds, go to the Diablo 4 Helltide regions to do the best Unique items farm. While this could take some time, you’ll need the best gear to be able to beat him.

If you’re still struggling to take down the Butcher, then team up with others in multiplayer. Although enemies and dungeons scale with the number of players in the party, having allies will be useful for dealing increased damage and diverting attention.

That’s all there is to know about the Diablo 4 Butcher, including spawn locations, times, rewards, and how to beat the Butcher. The Diablo 4 map is sprawling with other secrets to find and quests to complete, so you can always return later if you get stuck.