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Diablo 4 beta rewards - what can you unlock and get

The Diablo 4 beta rewards have been revealed, and if you want to take them into the full game, you’ll have a limited time to do so.

Diablo 4 beta rewards: Necromancer commanding skeletons in Diablo 4 concept art

Playing a beta of a game to see what it’s like before launch is always exciting, but things like Diablo 4 beta rewards make it even more exciting for fans. This way, you can show you played through the early access to the game, and are prepared to face the hordes of evil at launch.

If you’re planning to play the Diablo 4 beta anyway, it’s worth picking up these rewards. Drop in during the Diablo 4 beta release dates, which there’s two of due to a closed and open beta, and pick your favourite out of a selection of Diablo 4 classes, so you can start earning exclusive rewards before the Diablo 4 release date.

Diablo 4 beta rewards

There are a total of three Diablo 4 beta rewards to unlock:

  • Initial Casualty title – unlocked by reaching Kyovashad with one character
  • Early Voyager title – unlocked by reaching Level 20 with one character
  • Beta Wolf Pack cosmetic item – unlocked by reaching Level 20 with one character

These rewards will become available once Diablo 4 officially launches. Fortunately, you’ll have two weekends to be able to unlock these items. You can take a look at the Beta Wolf Pack cosmetic item below.

Diablo 4 beta rewards: Wolf Pack Cosmetic from Diablo 4 beta

Now you know all of the Diablo 4 beta rewards, you can start hunting demons and get some free stuff for when the game releases. If you’re on Xbox or PC, you may be wondering if you’re able to play Diablo 4 on Game Pass with your subscription.