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Will Diablo 4 beta progress carry over to the full game?

After getting into Sancutary early, you may be hoping your hard work stays with you and your Diablo 4 beta progress will carry over pn PS5, PS4, Xbox, and PC.

Will Diablo 4 beta progress carry over: Hooded figure hovering with wings of light in Diablo 4

If you’re like us, you probably don’t like to see your hard work go to waste, but will Diablo 4 beta progress carry over to the full game once it releases? Each game is different, and while some will completely wipe your progress after the beta ends, while others will let you keep everything you earned and all of your story progress.

As we prepare for Diablo 4 to arrive, and with the Diablo 4 release date fast approaching, you’ll want to find out if your character will be sitting waiting for you when the servers open on release day. Or, will you have to choose between one of the Diablo 4 classes again at launch?

Will Diablo 4 beta progress carry over?

Your Diablo 4 beta progress will not carry over to the full game. This is the case for all platforms and was confirmed by Blizzard in a Diablo 4 beta blog post detailing progress between the beta and main version of the game once it releases in June 2023.

This is typical of most betas for any game. Since the version of the game found in the beta will be outdated by release day, with bugs and other issues, as such most of the content likely can’t transfer over. So, when you play the full version of Diablo 4, you’ll need to start over.

However, if you spent a lot of time in the beta version of Diablo 4, you should have access to some exciting (and exclusive) Diablo 4 beta rewards.

It’s a shame that the Diablo 4 beta process doesn’t carry over. But that gives us all an excuse to play with friends in Diablo 4 multiplayer and get back to grinding more loot. And you can choose a different Diablo 4 World Tier for a different level of challenge.