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What is the Diablo 4 beta max level?

Fighting hordes of evil is bound to give you lots of XP and levels, so here’s the Diablo 4 beta max level cap that you can reach during your time.

What is the Diablo 4 beta max level cap: Lillith in Diablo 4

The Diablo series is back for another instalment after some long waiting, meaning plenty of fans are going to dive in and start grinding for gear, but what is the Diablo 4 beta max level? Since the beta is only a taste of the full game, the cap is limited so you can experience the full grind at launch.

We’re just as excited for Diablo 4 as you, and with the Diablo 4 release date right around the corner, there’s plenty of Diablo 4 beta content to enjoy to appease your appetite for the time being. So, before we go into the max level for the beta, pick your favourite of the Diablo 4 classes and let’s take on the endless evil.

What is the Diablo 4 beta max level?

The max level cap for the Diablo 4 beta is Level 25. This is a mere quarter of the full max level when Diablo 4 fully releases, which is Level 100.

Considering that, at launch, Diablo 3 had a level cap of 60, you’ll be able to unlock a lot of skills for your preferred class. And, more importantly, you should be able to get some decent loot before you reach the cap.

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Even though you won’t be able to earn any more experience points after reaching Level 25, you’ll still be able to rip through the forces of hell. So, if you’re into the action (which we assume you are), it won’t stop at the cap.

That’s the Diablo 4 beta max level cap for those who are diving into the closed or open beta. If you want to dive in with friends, find out more about the Diablo 4 multiplayer, and if you’re excited for launch, see if you can save some money by finding out if Diablo 4 is on Game Pass.