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Destiny 2 Warlock Strand subclass Broodweaver guide

Warlocks are often considered the intellectuals of Destiny 2, but they’re capable of dealing damage with the Destiny 2 Warlock Strand subclass Broodweaverv

Destiny 2 Warlock Strand Subclass Broodweaver: A Broodweaver can be seen using their super

With Lightfall just around the corner, interest in each of the new Strand subclasses is at a high and the Warlock looks like they might be one of the most interesting to use. The Destiny 2 Warlock Strand subclass Broodweaver will help our Guardians explore the city of Neomuna, the home of the Cloudstriders, a group of advanced humans who have prospered on Neptune and give the class a whole new aspect when it comes to how it plays.

As you prepare to head to Neomuna and face off against the Witness and his new disciple Callus, it’s time to brush up on what Strand brings to the Warlock class in Destiny 2. This guide will touch on what we know about the Destiny 2 Strand subclass for the Warlock.

Destiny 2 Warlock Strand subclass Broodweaver

The Destiny 2 Warlock Strand subclass Broodweaver’s abilities are:

  • Arcane Needle (melee): Fire a deadly projectile that tracks targets, unravelling them upon impact
  • Grapple, Shackle Grenade, Threadling Grenade (grenade): Swing around and grab anywhere in the world, throw a grenade that splits into three, or suspend a group of enemies into the air
  • Needlestorm (super): Conjour Strandmissiles and launch them at enemies detonating them and summoning a group of Threadlings to hunt down enemies

The Broodweaver also has the following aspects:

  • Weaver’s Call: On Rift cast, the Warlock weaves three Threadling eggs, which hatch into Threadlings when they hit a surface. Any perched Threadlings are converted to additional eggs.
  • Mindspun Invocation: This Aspect improves several of the Warlock’s abilities: Grapple: When you execute a grapple melee, the Warlock weaves three Threadling eggs from the target. Threadling Grenade: You can consume your Threadling Grenade to generate a full complement of perched Threadlings. Shackle Grenade: You can consume your Shackle Grenade to gain a buff, creating a suspending detonation on every kill.

As with the Titans, Bungie recently changed the official name of the Warlock Strand subclass from Architect to Broodweaver. Any Destiny 2 player will attest to being absolutely sick of being killed by the mysterious “architects” (which usually means the game decided to yeet you into a wall for no discernible reason), but that’s unlikely to have much to do with it. It’s more likely to reflect that the Broodweaver is capable of crafting weapons of death from the Weave itself.

In fact, we can even see that in the Strand gameplay trailer for the new subclasses:

YouTube Thumbnail

That covers what you need to know about the Destiny 2 Warlock Strand Broodweaver subclass. While you look forward to becoming a true summoner on Neomuna, why not take a look at the Destiny 2 Strand weapons you will find in the game at launch?