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Destiny 2 The Final Shape’s new Exotic trace rifle is hot and heavy

The new Exotic weapon coming to Destiny 2 The Final Shape, Microcosm, is the first Heavy trace rifle to grace the FPS game on PS5 and Xbox, and it’s a beauty.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape new Exotic Microcosm: a Guardian holding the new weapon next to a shot of it in action

Trace rifle truthers, your time has finally come. Bungie has just revealed a new Destiny 2 Exotic trace rifle is being added to the spacefaring FPS, and it sits in the Heavy slot. That’s right, new weapon Microcosm is a shield-shredding beamer, and the game’s first Heavy trace rifle. If it performs half as good as it looks, then we’re in for an absolute treat when Destiny 2 The Final Shape arrives next month on PS5 and Xbox.

Judging from the fresh teaser trailer for Microcosm, we could be looking at a Void-based Exotic – just a hunch, nothing to do with the giant surge of Void energy emitted by the Taken Centurion at the ten-second mark. That being said, this is an Exotic, so there’s every chance one of its perks will make it Prismatic to match The Final Shape’s new ability-blending subclass. Bungie says the space game’s upcoming super laser “deals massive bonus damage to shields” – note that a specific element isn’t mentioned.

Hilariously, the introduction of Microcosm with The Final Shape is a major boon for Cenotaph Mask enjoyers. You could already get huge primary and secondary trace rifle value from its ‘High Priority’ Exotic perk, and soon you’ll be able to run a near-infinitely firing triple trace rifle loadout – it’s going to be awful and I can’t wait.

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Though we are still a hot minute away from the Destiny 2 The Final Shape release date, Bungie has opened up plenty of content for you to delve into while you wait. Earlier this month, the studio announced that the FPS game’s Shadowkeep, Beyond Light, and The Witch Queen campaigns are all now completely free to play, alongside all of Lightfall’s seasonal content. Sheesh. Well, they’re free until The Final Shape drops in a few weeks, anyway.

On top of this, one of the best games out there recently added a shiny new PvP Map Pack. So if the Crucible calls to you, don’t ignore it. Between the free content, the long-awaited PvP update, and the news that weapon sunsetting is being ended in The Final Shape, it certainly feels like Bungie is finally hitting its stride in time for Destiny 2’s final expansion.

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