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How has Cayde 6 returned in Destiny 2 The Final Shape?

One of the biggest reveals of The Final Shape so far is the return of Destiny 2’s Cayde 6 after his death in Shadowkeep, so here’s how and why Cayde is back.

Destiny 2 Cayde 6 alive The Final Shape: An image of Cayde-6 looking to the side, set against a blurred background of the Traveler from space.

How has Cayde-6 returned in Destiny 2 The Final Shape? Well, that’s the question at the top of everyone’s mind when the reveal trailer for the upcoming expansion teased the return of Cayde-6, our favorite Exo and Hunter Vanguard. Alongside the return of the iconic Cayde-6 voice actor, Nathan Fillion, the character is also back, though perhaps not in the way you might expect in a game with powerful beings that can be revived at any moment. So, here’s everything you need to know so far about Destiny 2’s Cayde-6 in The Final Shape, including his return and how he’s back, as well as a refresher on Cayde-6’s death.

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How has Cayde-6 returned in Destiny 2 The Final Shape?

Cayde-6’s return in Destiny 2 The Final Shape is expected to be as a spirit-like form, with the realm inside the Traveler behaving like a paradise for deceased Guardians and those chosen by the Traveler based on his new design.

So, rather than Cayde-6 coming back to life, he will return as a spirit inside the Traveler. This is based on the fact that Cayde’s appearance has changed, now bearing glowing eyes as if flooding with Light.

Destiny 2 Cayde-6 alive: An image of Cayde-6 looking at the camera from The Final Shape teaser trailer.

Similarly, Cayde can be seen holding his iconic Ace of Spades handcannon – which is also glowing – despite the Guardian canonically owning the weapon after his death. However, Cayde-6 being a spirit is a likely explanation for how he has the Ace of Spades and why it’s seeping with Light energy.

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Some have theorized that Cayde-6 will return as Cayde-7, as Exo names are typically based on how many times they have been rebooted. However, given Cayde-6 was fatally wounded and his Ghost destroyed, he can’t be revived or rebooted in the traditional sense. As such, he likely won’t become Cayde-7. Instead, he’s expected to come back as a spirit of some kind using the power of the Light, while his physical body remains deceased.

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Destiny 2 Cayde-6 death explained

Cayde-6 was killed at the beginning of the Destiny 2 Forsaken (2018) expansion, when Uldren Sov – now Crow – and the Scorn Barons killed him and his Ghost, Sundnace, preventing Cayde from being revived.

With Cayde’s Ghost also being destroyed, he was severed from the Light and could no longer be revived by the Traveler after he was shot by Uldren Sov and the Barons. Ever since his death, players have been wondering whether he would return and how, and The Final Shape grants us just that.

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Hopefully, Cayde-6’s return in Destiny 2 The Final Shape will not only reveal what has happened to Cayde since his death, but also provide an emotional narrative that concludes the epic 10-year narrative. So, as we move towards taking down the Witness, be sure to get your hands on the best Destiny 2 weapons right now. It’s safe to say you’ll need it as we face the biggest threat yet.