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Destiny 2 YouTuber solo clears a Nightfall without movement controls

This (presumably bored) Destiny 2 content creator disabled their movement controls and still found a way to clear a Nightfall in under 17 minutes...

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With Destiny 2 Season of Plunder’s content being somewhat dry right now, bored Guardians are turning to the only other form of entertainment they know: ridiculous challenges.

The latest, which was spotted by ‘Destiny Bulletin’ on Twitter, comes from a YouTuber who has managed to solo clear an entire Master Nightfall without the use of movement controls. With their WASD keys disabled (equivalent to having no left stick for all you console players), ‘Esoterickk’ manages to clear The Disgraced on Master difficulty using some clever alternative movement mechanics and an overpowered Nightfall mod.

Instead of walking around the Nightfall, Esoterickk resorts to sword lunging, dodging, sparrow boosting, and hurtling around with their Thundercrash super to get about. When it comes to dealing damage, it’s mainly down to an endless spam of Storm Grenades, which almost instantly refresh thanks to the Lightning Crystals Nightfall mod. An Osteo Striga is on deck to clear some close-up stragglers, while a Staccato-46 scout rifle helps to crack solar shields and break Barrier champions.

Esoterickk’s excellent Destiny 2 Titan build and weapon choice also meant the run was completed in a surprisingly quick time, considering there were no conventional movement controls. While it isn’t on the highest, Grandmaster difficulty (Esoterickk says in the video’s descrption this would simply be too “tedious” to watch) the YouTuber manages to clear this Nightfall in an impressive 16 minutes and 53 seconds.

With Festival of the Lost not hitting quite the right note with players this year, and Season of Plunder’s story content drying up, challenges like these may be the only way for content creators to entertain viewers and for high-level players to stay engaged – that is until the Destiny 2 Season 19 release date, of course.