Underrated Destiny 2 perk getting major buff in Season 21 update

Bungie's making a few interesting changes to Destiny 2 going into Season 21 and one of those is a huge change to one of the most underrated perks in the FPS.

Destiny 2 Season 21 Shoot to Loot perk buff: an image of Zavala from the FPS' Lightfall trailer

If you’re out there playing Destiny 2 looking to make sure your Guardian is as effective as possible in your fight against The Witness, you’re going to want to make sure you’re keeping track of the perks you’re taking advantage of. Sure, some of those can be great and some of those can be a little lacklustre. However, there’s one underrated Destiny 2 perk that’s about to become a must-have: Shoot to Loot.

Now, we know that Loot to Shoot is one Destiny 2 perk that’s pretty handy to have in a pinch, but it’s far from the best one available. Right now, all Shoot to Loot does is allow Guardians to shoot an Ammo Brick to pick it up and refill their weapons from reserves. It’s certainly useful, but when you think about what else is on offer right now… It’s a little mid.

Now, though, Bungie has confirmed – via this reflection on Lightfall blog post – that it has “a change coming to the Shoot to Loot weapon perk in Season 21” – and the Destiny 2 Season 21 release date is right around the corner.

But, what is that Shoot to Loot change, we hear you ask? Well, it looks like Shoot to Loot is going to expand it’s coverage from Ammo Boxes to include Orbs of Power too. Now, how about dem apples?

Bungie has added that it “did evaluate also having the perk allow you to collect firesprites, Stasis shards, and other subclass-spawned objects, but technical limitations made this unfeasible at this time”. But, that doesn’t rule it out. So, we could see another Shoot to Loot buff down the line, too – if we’re lucky.

Bungie also confirms that new buildcrafting mods are being introduced in Season 21; these include Powerful Attraction, which lets you collect all Orbs of Power in a radius while using your class’ ability, and Elemental Charges, that improves your chance of getting a stack of Armor Charge when collecting a subclass collectible associated with your damage type.

While you’re here, if you’re just getting back into Destiny 2, here’s what you need to know about the lore:

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So, with these armor mods – and the new iteration of Shoot to Loot – getting your Super should be a lot easier. If you’re wondering what Super you should look into, you can check out the best Destiny 2 Titan build, the best Destiny 2 Warlock build, and best Destiny 2 hunter build right here.