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Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares branded “too easy” amid Raid launch

Guardians tackling the Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares Raid are already reaping the rewards, as the new Destiny 2 Raid might not actually be that difficult.

Destiny 2 guardian in Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares Raid

Look, even if you’re a master of Solar or Strand, the latest Destiny 2 Lightfall Raid can be a cumbersome task. Well, not for some players it seems, as the Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares Raid is chalking up a fiery debate within the Destiny 2 community – as fans feel it may be offering a seemingly less difficult experience.

Hot off the release of the latest expansion, Destiny 2 Lightfall, players are eager to top the World First’s Race leaderboards for the Destiny 2 Root of Nightmare Raid. While that ship may have sailed for some already, the journey to the end is splitting up avid guardians. Destiny 2 player ‘Kylestien‘ claims that “people are complaining that Root is easy, But I thought people wanted an easy, or at least less complex, raid after vow and the symbol overuse?”

Adding to their initial explanation, the Redditor suggests “that people would prefer an easier raid to just f**k around in. So you get that and now complain it’s too easy?” The direction for this fresh Destiny 2 addition is confounding players looking for something innovative in the game.

According to Redditor ‘Hit_Me_With_The_Jazz‘, they feel that “Root of Nightmares is fun sure, but I can’t shake the feeling like it was just slap-dashed together with little cohesive thought […] [it was] another chance to actually answer some questions posed from the campaign.” They add that “it was supposed to be another slam dunk after Witch Queen […] instead Bungie just kinda…face planted at the rim.”

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Though the new Destiny 2 Raid might be providing frustrations initially for players, many are revelling in its impressive setpieces. Redditor ‘Gjallarhorn15‘ expresses “this raid is EXACTLY what I wanted […] it was the group understanding of mechanics and pushing our teamwork that made this challenging, vs. the difficulty being just optimizing damage for enormous boss health bars.”

Some players who aren’t entrenched in the deeper aspects of Destiny 2, like ‘Variant_007‘, are appreciating the ease of access for this latest challenge: “I’m super hype about this being a good entry-level Raid for both me and my more casual friends. The barrier to entry of all the symbol memorization was huge for the people I really want to learn to raid.” We can make getting through it easier too, with a few tweaks to your character.

If you’re ready to try out the Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares Raid yourself, then you’ll need to refine your Destiny 2 Hunter Build or Destiny 2 Titan Build to make it to the end. Good luck guardian.