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Destiny 2’s Revision Zero drone triumph has been cheesed already

A Destiny 2 player has already found a way to complete the Revision Zero security drones triumph that was meant to take weeks to finish

Destiny 2 Revision Zero drone triumph: A shot of Ana Bray with a concerned expression

Less than 24 hours after the new Exotic quest for Revision Zero went live, a Destiny 2 player has already found a way to cheese the security drone triumph that requires the new Exotic pulse rifle to complete it.

Since the start of Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph, players have been theorising why dozens of indestructible floating yellow drones have appeared in various locations. Following yesterday’s quest going live, we now know that to destroy them you have to shoot them with the new Destiny 2 Revision Zero Exotic weapon. Finding and destroying all 50 Destiny 2 security drones completes a triumph and awards you a slick new sparrow for your troubles. However, not all of them actually accessible at the moment, so it’s impossible to complete… legitimately.

Some of the seemingly unattainable drones in the Seraph station were quickly circumnavigated by plenty of players – for example, using a heavy sword with the Eager Edge trait would let you lunge through some laser barriers without dying.

However, there are plenty of drones hidden behind locked doors, which Bungie probably intends to gradually open as the season progresses. The drones can be heard whirring away behind the doors, but can’t be legitimately reached, as you can see in the video below from ‘Esoterickk’.

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In yet another example of Destiny 2 players proving they are the ultimate connoisseurs of videogame cheese, Reddit user ‘SliderDoesGamin’ proves that they’ve managed to complete the triumph early.

As they explain in a post, spotted by ‘Destiny Bulletin‘, the secret ingredient here is Ricochet Rounds, a magazine type that can be unlocked by levelling up Revision Zero and applied via crafting. We’re not sure exactly how Ricochet Rounds manage to get past these doors, but SliderDoesGamin says they are making a tutorial video on their technique soon.

As proof the exploit works, they also provide screenshots of a completed triumph and a shiny new Archangel’s Refit sparrow that is earned only by destroying all 50 drones.

Within the Seraph station, next to a locked door you can find a panel with 50 lights on it, with each one becoming illuminated after you find and destroy a drone. With SliderDoesGamin completing the triumph, they can also reveal what is behind the locked door. Exciting stuff, but sadly, all that’s behind there for now is just another locked door.

While Bungie is likely exhausted by how many of its secrets and challenges get rapidly undone by in-game exploits, cheese has always been a vital ingredient in the recipe of Destiny 2’s community.

If you’re going to be a good little Guardian and complete the triumph legitimately, you’ll have to wait until deeper into Season of the Seraph. In the meantime, check out some of the best Destiny 2 weapons for PvE activities like Nightfalls, raids, or the new dungeon.