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Who is the Destiny 2 Nimbus voice actor?

Are you curious about who the Destiny 2 Nimbus voice actor is? Find out who voices the character during the Lightfall campaign and on Neomuna.

Destiny 2 Nimbus Voice Actor: Nimbus can be seen

Are you wondering who is the Destiny 2 Nimbus voice actor? Well, the character of Nimbus is one of the most important in Destiny 2 following the unveiling of The Veil and the discovery of Neomuna on Neptune. So, it would be good to get to know them and who voices them.

Nimbus will be one of the first individuals on Neomuna you meet during the Destiny 2 Lightfall missions, so you will naturally get familiar with them as you play through the campaign. But, as they are also the vendor on Destiny 2’s Neomuna you will be revisiting them over a number of weeks and months.

Who is the Destiny 2 Nimbus voice actor?

The voice actor of Nimbus in Destiny 2 is Marin M. Miller, a non-binary voice actor who has voiced Athena in Hades and appeared in a number of TV series as various characters.

Athena is undoubtedly their biggest role in a game outside of Nimbus in Destiny 2. On Twitter, Marin talked about being cast as Nimbus, a character that is gender non-conforming. Nimbus will likely play a big role in Destiny 2 going forward so you can expect to hear their voice a lot more.

That is who the Destiny 2 Nimbus voice actor is. If you are keen to know who else is behind the core characters in the Lightfall campaign, take a look at our articles discussing the Destiny 2 The Witness voice actor and Destiny 2 Rohan voice actor.