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How to start the new Destiny 2 Exotic quest for Vexcalibur

Get an overview of how to start the Destiny 2 Exotic quest in the EDZ for Vexcalibur, os you can pick up the potentially meta-shaking PvE special weapon.

Destiny 2 Exotic Quest EDZ Vexcalibur: the Glaive can be seen

After some rumours and leaks, the Destiny 2 Season 20 Exotic quest weapon has finally been uncovered in game and if you are wondering what you need to do to start it, we have you covered! This guide will take you through how to start the Destiny 2 Exotic quest for Vexcalibur in the EDZ.

Thankfully, once you know what you are doing, starting the quest isn’t too tricky. But, it can be hard to understand the first steps, unless you are following what other players are doing in Destiny 2 that is. So, if you want to nab what might become one of the best Destiny 2 weapons in PvE, read on below.

How to start the new Destiny 2 Exotic quest for Vexcalibur

The Exotic quest for Destiny 2 Season of the Defiance to get the Vexcalibur weapon can be started from The Gulch in the European Dead Zone by activating six Vex network cubes.

The cubes are all pretty obvious and in plain sight. However, you will only have thirty seconds to get the next one after you activate one of them. Therefore, you have three minutes total to grab all six and establish the coordinates.

The map below has a path for you to follow, but you always need to start at point A.

  • A – On a large rock
  • B – Underneath the highway overpass
  • C – In amongst trees above the main road, on a cliff
  • D – In the open battlefield by some trees
  • E – Against the rocks to the right of the Cabal outpost door
  • F – Next to the two road signs

Destiny 2 Exotic Quest EDZ Vexcalibur: The points on the map can be seen

Once you have obtained all six, head to point Q on the map above and you will find a small unmarked cave. Usually, there isn’t anything here but the wall at the back will have disappeared and you can see Vex network structures leading down behind the cave. Eventually, you will come across a Harpy and a marker to start the quest.

This quest is a whopping 1800 recommended power, but you will be elevated to 1790 if you aren’t quite at this threshold yet. The quest is a repurposed version of The Pyramidion strike on IO which has been sunset for a few years and will see you diving deep into the Vex Network. The quest isn’t too challenging, but it is long and you will need to make use of your supers and heavy ammo to beat the boss at the end.

Once you have finished it, you will nab yourself the Vexcalibur Galive. For a full overview of that Glaive now you have completed the Destiny 2 Exotic quest for Vexcalibur, check out our Destiny 2 Vexcalibur guide. You can also find even more tips in our guide to the other Destiny 2 Lightrfall and Season 20 craftable weapons in the game.