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Save $30 on the Razer Seiren X streaming microphone

Boasting plenty of features despite its modest price tag, the Razer Seiren X is a budget beast. And it can be yours for $30 off on Amazon right now

Best microphone for streaming: the Razer Seiren X

Clear-sounding audio is an integral part of content creation. Whether you’re whipping up YouTube videos or are trying to be one of the next biggest streamers, the fastest way to make a viewer run for the hills is by assaulting their ears with a tinny-sounding microphone. Fortunately, Amazon US has a large discount on the Razer Serien X – one of the best microphones for streaming in 2022.

Right now, the Seiren X can be picked up for just $69.99 – a $30 price cut from its usual $99.99 price tag. Nice. This budget beast already packed a wallop well beyond its modest RRP, what with its built-in noise reduction and shock mount, alongside zero latency monitoring which allows you to keep an ear on how you sound during a stream or recording without your voice echoing back to you.

To further help ensure environmental sound doesn’t leak into your content, Razer has also tuned the Seiren X with a supercardioid pickup pattern. This means the microphone will better zone-in on what’s directly in front of it – you.

While folks across the pond in the UK won’t have access to quite the same level of discount, there’s still a saving to be had. Currently down 16% at £83.89 on Amazon UK, a few quid has been knocked off.

So, if you have a few extra bucks leftover from Christmas, and are looking for a budget solution to a noisy household that’s still packed with features, this could very well be the microphone for you.