The best microphone for streaming in 2022

It's time for a quick mic check

A microphone with a pink gradient top stands on a desk

Having crystal clear audio is imperative if you’re looking to make it big as a streamer. Headset microphones are fine if you’re just starting out, but if you’re planning on taking your already loyal audience to a new level, then chances are you’re going to need one of the best microphones for streaming.

So if you’re looking to upgrade your streaming setup, then the first thing you may want to look at replacing is your microphone. Having a solid mic is vital, as your viewers will be understand what you’re saying at all times, without pesky white noise trampling over your dulcet tones.

While there are some options out there that are going to cost a pretty penny and require some sort of mix amp, there are alternatives. Here we are going to run over the best microphones for streaming that are perfect for plug and play and mix amps.

Here are the best microphone for streaming:

  • Shure MV7
  • Elgato Wave: 3
  • Blue Yeti X
  • HyperX Quadcast S
  • Razer Seiren X
  • Audio Technica AT2020
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Shure MV7

Topping our list is the Shure MV7, which features both XLR and USB ports, so if you don’t have a mix amp – or you can’t be bothered to fork out for one – you can still make use of this microphone.

The biggest benefit to using the Shure MV7 is the audio quality. Shure has fine tuned the sound system so that it produces professional-grade audio at a fantastic price. While this microphone doesn’t come with a stand, its form factor means it’s easy to attach to a microphone arm, allowing you to move it out of the way when you’re not streaming.

What we like…

Tick Good price
Tick Included pop-filter
Tick Tap to mute

Best microphone for streaming: the Elgato Wave:3Buy Now

Elgato Wave:3

Elgato’s Wave:3 is an amazing piece of kit, backed by top-end microphone makers LEWITT Audio. Out of the box, the mic sounds great, which means you won’t have to mess with settings too much (if at all) to optimise your vocals.

Feature-wise, we’re super impressed with Elgato’s anti-distortion technology, Clipguard, which was co-developed with LEWITT. When active, Clipguard ensures your microphone won’t peak, no matter how loud your voice gets – perfect for those players who get a little bit heated while climbing the League of Legends ranks.

If you don’t have a dedicated hardware mixer then the integrated Wave Link software has you covered. Ultimately, this all-in-one solution requires very little setup, and takes all of the effort out of getting stream-ready sound.

What we like…

Tick All-in-one solution
Tick Clipguard is perfect for those hectic moments
Tick Sounds great out of the box

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Blue Yeti X

The new and improved Blue Yeti has proved to be a hit among streamers. The Yeti X is smaller than its predecessors and has a improved design and an adjustable dial on the front.

This dial allows streamers to change their audio output on the fly, meaning you don’t have to mess around with any software if things sound a bit off.

Plus, the price of the Yeti for what you’re getting is great. It is easily one of the best plug and play streaming microphones on this list, mainly for the fact you don’t have to tinker too much with software to get things right.

What we like…

Tick Great price
Tick 11-segment dial
Tick Mic stand

Best microphone for streaming: the HyperX Quadcast SBuy Now 

HyperX QuadCast S

HyperX has made waves in the USB microphone market and with good reason: the HyperX Quadcast S is a fantastic bit of kit.

With multiple features on the mic itself, including gain control, an internal pop filter, and some flashy lights. This mic also comes attached on a stand, so you do not have to worry about purchasing an additional microphone mount.

All in all, the Quadcast S is exceptional for the price and will more than satisfy your needs for a quality streaming mic.

What we like…

Tick Good price
Tick Included pop-filter
Tick Tap to mute

Best microphone for streaming: the Razer Seiren XBuy Now 

Razer Seiren X

The Razer Seiren X is one of the cheaper USB microphones on the market but it still packs a punch.

If you’re looking for something fairly compact that won’t take up much room on your desk, then the Razer Seiren is for you. The microphone boasts an ultra-precise pick up pattern allowing you to deliver your message loud and clear.

It’s also compatible with the PS4 and possibly the PS5 too – a win-win if you’re looking to stream from your console too.

What we like…

Tick Good price (and regularly on sale)
Tick It’s pretty compact
Tick Licensed for the PS4 (and should be compatible for PS5)

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Audio Technica AT2020

If you have a mix amp to hand or you’re looking to splash the cash, then you can do no better than the Audio Technica AT2020.

Used by some of the biggest streamers like Timothy ‘TimTheTatman’ Betar, this mic is incredibly versatile. But, unlike the other mics on our list, it requires an XLR cable and a mixing board to work, both of which can make a dent in your wallet.

Still if you’re looking to use your microphone for all manner of things, including streaming, then this might be the microphone for you.

What we like…

Tick Sleek design
Tick Audio quality

So there you have it, our list of the best microphones for streaming. While all of the ones listed above have different pros and cons, they’re all much better than the standard gaming headset the majority of new streamers use.