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Dead Space weapon locations

Find out all where all the Dead Space remake weapon locations are so you can grab each and every one as you are playing through the story.

Dead Space Weapon Locations: Isaac can be seen putting the Plasma Cutter together

To take down all the Necromorph threats on the USG Ishimura, you are going to want to make sure you grab all the weapons in Dead Space so you are as flexible as possible for whatever situation you find yourself in. But, where are all the Dead Space weapon locations?

To save you from hunting these down yourself, we have all the locations for you below, in this article which will take you through where you can get yourself some of the more powerful best weapons in Dead Space. The weapons are listed with the Dead Space chapters and instructions on the rooms and areas you can find them in so you can use the remastered map in Dead Space.

Dead Space weapon locations

There are a total of seven Dead Space weapon locations in the remake scattered around the Ishimura for you to find. These are in the following chapters and spots:

  • Plasma Cutter location – Found on a table in chapter 1: New Arrivals
  • Pulse Rifle location – Found in Medical, Tram Station
  • Ripper location – Found in Engineering, Machine Shop
  • Flamethrower location – Found in Engineering, Corridor to the Engine Room
  • Contact Beam location – Found in the Bridge, Records Office
  • Line Gun location – Found in Medical, Emergency Equipment Storage
  • Force Gun location – Found in Hydroponics, West Seeding Room A

For more exact locations and images read below:

Plasma Cutter location

The Plasma Cutter is virtually impossible to miss as you will find it on a bench during your first trip through the Ishimura after things go wrong early in the game. It is your core weapon and what you will rely on the most

Dead Space Weapon Locations: The Plasma Cutter location can be seen

Pulse Rifle location

The Pulse Rifle is also unmissable, found on a dying security officer on the tram station at the medical department. This person will die after you meet them, allowing you to pick the weapon up.

Dead Space Weapon Locations: The Pulse Rifle location can be seen

Ripper location

When needing to refuel the engines in chapter 3, you can find the Ripper on a dead soldier in the machine shop as you head down the slope.

Dead Space Weapon Locations: The Ripper location can be seen

Flamethrower location

The Flamethrower appears when igniting the engines in chapter 3. This weapon is embedded within the wall in a person’s hands. The wall is overgrown with Necromorph material and virtually impossible to miss.

Dead Space Weapon Locations: The Flamethrower can be seen

Contact Beam location

When you need to reroute power from the Mining Administration in chapter 4, you can find the small Records Office tucked away on its own on floor 2 of the ship in the Bridge. In here is the Contact Beam but you will need an upgraded Dead Space Security Clearance.

Dead Space Weapon Locations: The Contact Beam location can be seen

Line Gun location

As you meet the Regenerator in chapter 5, you will find a maze of corridors in the emergency area. One small side room, Emergency Equipment Room, can be found on its own on the map, which houses the Line Gun.

Dead Space Weapon Locations: The Line Gun location canbe seen

Force Gun location

During chapter 6: Environmental Hazard you will eventually go after the first Wheezer. On the way, you will find the West Seeding Room A, which has the Force Gun.

Dead Space Weapon Locations: The Force Gun location can be seen

But, there you have it, all the Dead Space weapon locations. If you are looking for even more guides to help you out while playing, check out our Dead Space walkthrough which is filled with useful tips and tricks to assist you while playing.