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Dead Space remake secret ending answers this Dead Space 2 mystery

USG Ishimura passengers in the Dead Space remake can experience a secret ending, that fills in the lore for Isaac's troubled journey in Dead Space 2.

Isaac Clarke in the game Dead Space 2

Isaac Clarke has returned to the USG Ishimura, this time with some next-gen sheen. The Dead Space remake from developer EA Motive has arrived, with updated combat and a voice for Isaac himself. If you manage to survive the plight of Necromorphs, there is something special in store. Unlock this secret ending and you’ll gain answers to a vital piece of Dead Space 2 lore.

[Spoilers ahead for Dead Space’s secret ending]

You can’t hide from the terrors of the Dead Space remake anymore. After reading The Loadout’s Dead Space remake review, grab your Plasma Cutter and stomp your way to the end. However, don’t just go for the standard ending. As you roam the chilling hallways of the USG Ishimura, make sure you visit all the Dead Space Marker Fragment locations. This is vital for unlocking the remake’s exclusive secret ending.

If you’ve never played Dead Space before, while we won’t spoil the main ending here, Dead Space 2 fans are in for a treat. After collecting every Marker Fragment in the remake, you’ll need to get to the point in new game+ where you can place them into the shrine in the Captain’s Quarters. Finish the game and it will trigger an alternative climax that sees Isaac Clarke’s mind succumb to all the horrors he has endured.

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The new ending shows players Isaac allowing harrowing hallucinations to bend his will, as he departs back to the Earth in a shuttlecraft. However, the ending implies that Isaac’s choice will end up unleashing a wave of devasting Necormorphs onto humanity. Bleak stuff.

Not only is this troubling for Earth, but the secret ending supports Isaac’s appearance in Dead Space 2. In the acclaimed sequel, Isaac finds himself within a dreary hospital known as the Sprawl. With no recollection of the last few years, the game reveals Isaac inadvertently caused a Necromoprh invasion within the hospital. In a disillusioned state of mind, Isaac had built more Markers at the discretion of the church of Unitology.

This church worships the Markers themselves, believing in a prophecy known as the Convergence Event. Dead Space 2 addresses this to an extent, but this new Dead Space remake alternative ending gives both games a stronger connective tissue.

Developer EA Motive has certainly delivered the goods with the Dead Space remake, but there are plenty more games to look forward to this year. With all the upcoming PS5 games and Xbox Game Pass February 2023 games to dig into, it’s going to be a very good year indeed.