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Are there Dead Space remake cheats?

Are you looking to know if there are Dead Space remake cheats in Motive's revamp of the horror game or if they have been lost to time? Find out here.

Dead Space Remake Cheats: Isaac can be seen

Cheats were a hallmark feature of games in the 2000s, but with the Dead Space remake from Motive, questions about whether or not they have brought the cheat codes back are being thrown around. So, to put it to rest, we will go over if the Dead Space remake cheats from the original game work here.

In the original game, cheat codes were important and sometimes a lifesaver on the harder difficulty modes so there was some hope that this would also be the case for those wanting to play on the harder Dead Space difficulty levels or even tackle the Dead Space Impossible mode. So, let’s get into whether or not cheats are in the remake of Dead Space.

Are there Dead Space remake cheats?

The Dead Space remake does not have any cheats codes. The codes for the original game do not work in the remake, meaning there is no way to get extra resources, Credits, or refill your Oxygen and Stasis energy,

This might be disappointing to those who were looking for a truly reflective experience based on the original, but cheat codes aren’t too common today in games, so it isn’t too surprising to see them removed. In the original game, there were eight cheat codes which offered up the following bonuses:

  • Refill your Oxygen
  • Refill your Stasis energy
  • 5 additional Nodes
  • 2 additional Nodes
  • 1,000 credits
  • 2,000 credits
  • 5,000 credits
  • 10,000 credits

Of course, as these aren’t in the remake, they are lost to time forever a part of the classic game and not this remake. But, despite there not being Dead Space remake cheats, there are a number of other new content additions in the game. Our Dead Space walkthrough takes you through them and offers up some additional tips.