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Dead Space Impossible mode rewards

Find out what all the Dead Space remake Impossible mode rewards are so you can look forward to getting them when you fave the toughest challenge in the game.

Dead Space Impossible Mode Rewards: Isaac can be seen

By now, you will have heard about the hardest challenge Dead Space has to offer, Impossible mode. But, what Dead Space Impossible mode rewards can you get for rolling credits on the difficulty?

Below, you can find out the answer. These rewards are offered up no matter what version of the ending you get. This includes the Dead Space alternate ending, which can be unlocked after getting all the Dead Space Marker Fragments.  So if you are curious read on below for the two new rewards you can get, including one of the new Dead Space remake suits.

Dead Space Impossible mode rewards

There are three key Dead Space remake Impossible mode rewards:

  • Hand Cannon
  • Burnished Suit
  • Untouchable trophy or achievement

These rewards are a nice little bonus for taking on the Impossible mode which is still a major challenge, albeit a little bit easier than the original game. You can then use these rewards for later playthroughs or a Dead Space new game plus run.

Now you know the Dead Space Impossible mode rewards, you can start playing and going after them. For more guides to help you out as you are playing, check out our Dead Space walkthrough which is filled with tips and guides.