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Dead Space how to save your game

Get an idea of how to save your game in Dead Space remake so you can ensure you don't lose any progress while you are killing Necromorphs.

Dead Space How To Save: Isaac can be seen shooting a Necromorph

Dead Space has a host of terrifying threats you will need to try and survive against. But, that is easier said than done and at times you will fall to the Necromorphs swarming you. Because of this, you will want to know how to save your game in Dead Space so that you don’t lose any of that much-earned progress.

Thankfully the remake is quite forgiving with saves and where it puts checkpoints so you shouldn’t lose too much progress, especially early on in the length of the Dead Space remake. But, if you do take on some of the harder difficulties in the game, those saves won’t be as generous. Below you can read about how the Dead Space remake saves your progress and how often you can do so manually on both easy and harder difficulty levels.

Dead Space how to save your game

In the Dead Space remake you can save your game manually by visiting a Save Station in the Ishimura. On lower difficulty levels the game also has an autosave at key moments and checkpoints.

Generally, there are so many Save Stations around the Ishimura that you won’t find yourself looking for one too often. There are also more than enough save states. As mentioned, autosaves go away on Impossible difficulty so if you are tackling that Dead Space difficulty level you will only have one save slot that you are required to keep overwriting.

Dead Space is a pretty forgiving game in this remake thanks to the autosave system at key checkpoints so if you are just looking to make it through and kill all the Necromorphs then you shouldn’t have too much of a problem. But, you will still want to be careful as you are finding all the Dead Space weapon locations.

So, now you know how to save your game in the Dead Space remake, be sure to check out our other guides which can be found in our Dead Space walkthrough. These include an overview of the length of all the Dead Space chapters, as well as an overview of the Dead Space new game plus mode.