How to get Dead Island 2 Twitch Drops?

Find out how you can bag yourself some goodies and items for Dead Island 2, just by watching some streamers take on the hordes of zombies in Hell-A.

Dead Island 2 Twitch Drops: A zombie can be seen

You can get Dead Island 2 Twitch Drops by linking your PROS (Prism Ray Online Services) account to your Twitch account and then watching 20 minutes of any Dead Island 2 stream. This will give you the Fenrir’s Howl shotgun, a unique weapon.

Your PROS account can be linked to your Twitch account here. It is a fairly simple process; if you don’t have an account, you must sign up. Similarly, you must log in and connect to PROS in Dead Island 2 to get the rewards. To watch the streams on Twitch, simply check your progress in the drop-down menu for your account in the top right.

You can head to the Dead Island 2 Twitch category here which is filled with streamers to watch if you don’t already have a favourite. Some are playing solo and others are in Dead Island 2 co-op multiplayer. But, no matter how you play the Fenrir’s Howl shotgun is a solid weapon, especially for taking down bosses and the more brutal Dead Island 2 zombies. The drops will end on May 17, 2023. So, you have about a month.

Dead Island 2 Twitch Drops: The Fenrir's Howl can be seen

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