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How to open maglock doors in Dead Island 2

Here is how you can get access to the items in these rooms, disabling the alarms and lock in the process, avoiding drawing too much attention.

Dead Island 2 Open Maglock Doors: Sam can be seen

As you play through Dead Island 2 you will undoubtedly come across a maglock door. These giant metal barriers, hold you back from some nice loot and a few collectibles as you are exploring everywhere from the shoreline of Hell-A, to the rolling hills and driveways in Beverly Hills. But, there is a way to open them.

Below, you can find out exactly what you need to do to break these locks in Dead Island 2. But, be warned going after these rewards will cause a number of different Dead Island 2 zombie types to come chasing after you, hunting for flesh to feast on.

How to open maglock doors in Dead Island 2

You can open maglock doors on buildings in Dead Island 2 by destroying the two grey panels on the building. One is on the outside usually and to hit the one on the inside, you will need to use one of the guns in the game or throw a melee weapon.

The grey panels are quite easy to spot as they have a see-through window showing the wires. or you can follow the cables that connect them to the alarm to see where they are. You will almost always set off an alarm when you destroy the window to hit the one on the inside of the building if there is one.

But, to see exactly what they look like, check out this video from ‘ZaFrostPet’:

YouTube Thumbnail

With the maglocks opened you will often find journals to build out your collection, new Dead Island 2 weapons, and likely some resources which you can use to upgrade your weapons or repair weapons in Dead Island 2. For even more help with these challenges as you play, take a look at our Dead Island 2 walkthrough article.