Does Dead Island 2 have a new game plus mode?

Find out if you can follow up a playthrough with another one using the character you previously chose and all your gear and unlocks in Dead Island 2.

Dead island 2 New Game Plus: A zombie can be seen

New game plus modes are a common want for many games at this point from players. They add replayability to a game and allow you to feel a new sense of progression as you bring across everything you have unlocked from your previous playthrough. But, does Dead Island 2 have one?

Dambuster has packed quite a lot into this experience, from Dead Island 2 co-op multiplayer to six different characters. So, you would expect a feature as commonplace as new game plus to appear. Dead Island 2 features a lot of upgrades to grab as you play, but do they matter once you have finished?

Does Dead Island 2 have a new game plus mode?

Dead Island 2 does not have a new game plus mode, as we discovered during our review playthrough of the game. The only way to play again with your character is by using a new save slot, but you can’t bring any of your weapons or unlocks with you.

This will be incredibly disappointing to a number of players, and even we were a bit surprised to not see the feature at all. But, hopefully, we will see it added in a post-launch update. Despite no new game plus, there is still a decent amount of Dead Island 2 endgame content to sink your teeth into.

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Beyond the lack of a Dead Island 2 new game plus mode, the game also doesn’t have some other features you would expect. For example there isn’t any split-screen in Dead Island 2 and other questions about crossplay, etc are answered in our Dead Island 2 walkthrough.