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Can you play Dead Island 2 early?

Find out if you can hop in ahead of everyone else and explore HELL-A as one of the slayers and take back the streets from the zombie infestation

Dead island 2 Early Access: A zombie can be seen

No early access period is available for the game, and there isn’t a demo or trial available ahead of release on any of the platforms. However, you can play Dead Island 2 early on Xbox by changing your language and location to New Zealand, once the date ticks over to April 21, 2023.

Deep Silver isn’t a publisher that does early access periods too often, usually just letting players wait until the full release. But, after an almost decade-long wait for Dead Island 2, it would have been nice to maybe get a glimpse of what is on offer with a demo or some kind of early release on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. But, this isn’t the case.

Either way, despite no way to play Dead Island 2 early, there is a lot you can look forward to even if it isn’t the most innovative action game. Our Dead Island 2 review on PS5 goes over exactly why the game is a lot of fun, but also some of the issues you may have with how it plays.

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So if you are disheartened that there is no Dead Island 2 early access period, we do have some guides to get you started as you jump in on Friday. These include a list of the Dead Island 2 zombie types, the Dead Island 2 characters and their unique traits, and exactly how Dead Island 2 co-op multiplayer works with your friends.