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CS:GO 10 year coin – how to get the birthday coin

Are you wanting to celebrate CS:GO's 10th anniversary and get the CS:GO 10 year coin? Here is how you can grab it before it disappears after the anniversary

How to get CSGO 10 Year Coin: The 10 year coin can be seen in the menu

Valve’s FPS has been around for 10 years. Yes, Counter-Strike Global Offensive is really that old and we can’t quite believe it either. But, with CS:GO hitting that milestone, Valve is celebrating by offering some unique rewards and items. One of those is a unique coin, which acts as a piece of memorabilia. But, how do you get the CS:GO 10 year coin?

Well, due to CS:GO’s anniversary celebrations being held for just one week, you won’t have to put in too much time to grab the special item and add it to your collection. The coin doesn’t do anything particularly special, but it is a great way to always remember that you were playing when the game celebrated this huge milestone.

Read on for the guide on how to get the CS:GO 10 year coin. But, be sure to grab it before it disappears!

How to get the CS:GO 10 year coin

To get the 10-year coin for CS:GO, all you need to do is level up once during the week of the game’s 10th anniversary.

Pretty simple isn’t it? You don’t have to purchase anything or try to grab it from a crate. Simply play for a bit and you will have a moment of CS:GO history. The coin will be available until August 23, so be sure to give yourself enough time to grab it.

There you have it, that is how to get the CS:GO 10 year coin. For more help with CS:GO, check out our guides on the game, covering the CS:GO ranks and CS:GO’s knife commands.