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Is Crash Team Rumble free-to-play?

Find out if Crash Team Rumble is free and whether or not you can jump into Toys For Bob's latest creation without putting any money down on PS5, PS4, and Xbox.

Crash Team Rumble Free To Play: Crash can be seen

Is Crash Team Rumble free-to-play? Crash Team Rumble is a fresh new direction for the franchise in the modern era, harkening back to titles like Crash Bash with its party-based multiplayer focus. But, with this game forgoing any kind of campaign, you may be wondering how you can play and if Toys For Bob and Activision have opted for a free-to-play release like many other multiplayer games.

With Crash Team Rumble crossplay available in the game and an extensive content plan over the coming months, Toys For Bob has made a lot of right decisions with the game’s release, especially when it comes to pitching it as a live service. But, does Crash Team Rumble appear on our lists of the best free PS5 games and best free Xbox games?

Is Crash Team Rumble free-to-play?

Crash Team Rumble is not free-to-play. It costs $29.99/£24.99 to buy the game on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. Unfortunately, the game is not available on PC or Nintendo Switch. There also isn’t a demo or trial for the game which means there is no way to try it for free either. 

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It is unlikely that Crash Team Rumble ever goes free-to-play unless the playerbase drops off substantially. So, you shouldn’t expect the latest multiplayer take on the franchise to be free anytime soon. Additionally, there are no plans on a Crash Team Rumble Game Pass release just yet, as Activision hasn’t announced anything. However, if the Microsoft acquisition of Activision Blizzard goes through we could see Crash Team Rumble arrive on the service as Microsoft puts all its first-party games into Game Pass.

If you do want to buy the game and get a taste for the Crash Team Rumble multiplayer antics you can grab the game below, as well as an Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus subscription. You will need one to play!

That covers if Crash Team Rumble is free-to-play. If you are going to grab the game and want to find out more about what the Crash Team Rumble multiplayer is like, then our guide will be able to help you out, alongside our rundown of the several Crash Team Rumble characters you can choose from. That way you can find your favorite for when you jump into online matches.