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Is Crash Team Rumble on Game Pass?

This article will answer any questions you may have about a Crash Team Rumble Game Pass release, given that Microsoft is on the verge of aquiring Activision.

Crash Team Rumble Game Pass: Crash can be seen

Is a Crash Team Rumble Game Pass release on the way? Microsoft and Activision have been cozying up to one another over recent months, as the console manufacturer hopes to acquire the publisher. Working closely on the launch of Diablo 4 the game didn’t launch onto Game Pass, but many players are asking if its other franchises could come to Game Pass, such as Crash.

With Crash Team Rumble’s multiplayer team-based action offering up a unique twist on the iconic character’s platforming gameplay, you may want to give the game a try before you put your money down. Or if you aren’t a fan of the main games, but enjoy some multiplayer fun with friends, you may be keen to party up with some pals who aren’t too thrilled about putting down money on the spinoff title. A Crash Team Rumble Game Pass release would solve these issues!

Is Crash Team Rumble on Game Pass?

Crash Team Rumble is not available on Game Pass. To play you will need to buy the game on Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One to get a taste of the multiplayer action. The game could come to Game Pass down the line if Activision and Microsoft strike a deal or the latter’s acquisition of the former goes ahead. 

Right now, Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision has hit a few roadblocks with the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority blocking the deal and the FTC in the US doing the same. If Microsoft is able to get the deal through then Crash Team Rumble will likely end up on Game Pass, as with all other Xbox Games Studios titles. Otherwise, it isn’t clear if the game will ever end up on Game Pass.

Microsoft could establish a close partnership with Activision and bring its games to Game Pass, or things can continue as they currently are with Activision not supporting the service much. We will keep this guide updated with any updates if we get them.

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If you do want to grab the game on Xbox, you can find it below, alongside an Xbox Live Gold subscription as you will need one to play.

That covers if a Crash Team Rumble Game Pass release is on the way. For an overview of what to expect if you are jumping in, check out our guide on the different Crash Team Rumble characters. If you are looking for other competitive games on Game Pass though, our Game Pass games list has everything you can currently play on the service.