Convergence release date rumours, story, gameplay

Get an idea of the Convergence release date, the latest story and gameplay details, and more as we approach its launch on consoles and PC.

Convergence Release Date: Ekko can be seen fighting

Are you looking for a breakdown of everything we know about Riot Forge’s next game? Convergence is almost here and we have a roundup of all the story, gameplay, and details about the game including the all-important Convergence release date.

This action platformer will take Ekko and the League of Legends universe to a new style of gameplay and a personal tale for the character as he tries to protect and save his city. Convergence will be one of a number of Riot Forge games in 2023.

Convergence release date rumours

Convergence’s release date is set for Summer 2023. This was confirmed in a blog post on the game’s Steam page.

The game will be released on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. So, no matter where you want to play you will be able to get your hands on Ekko’s adventure.

Convergence story

Convergence sees you take control of Ekko, a young inventor with an ingenious device to manipulate time. As Ekko you will make your way through a variety of environments to uncover more about a plot involving organised crime in Zaun.

Using his time travel powers, Ekko will aim to save his city. You can check out a brief teaser from the reveal trailer below:

YouTube Thumbnail

Convergence gameplay

Convergence is an action platformer that blends, combat, exploration, and movement to create a unique blend of mechanics, thanks to Ekko’s rewind ability. The goal of this ability is to ensure it isn’t just an undo button, according to Double Stallion games.

Instead, it allows you to use information you have obtained to outsmart and then out-manoeuvre your opponent.

That covers everything we know about the Convergence release date, as well as gameplay and story details. For even more on the top action games, check out some of our picks for the best PS5 games, best Xbox Series X games, and best Nintendo Switch games.