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League of Legends’ Zaun is seen “through Ekko’s eyes” in Convergence

Convergence A League of Legends Story is coming to PS4 and PS5 alongside Xbox, Switch, and PC soon and it will introduce players to Zaun "through Ekko's eyes".

Convergence League of Legends Zaun world design: an image of Ekko from the LoL platformer spinoff

Single-player action game Convergence A League of Legends Story is set to drop soon and creative director Eric Angelillo has shared why League of Legends fans looking forward to playing Convergence A League of Legends Story will be met with a representation of Zaun that’s much more vibrant than what we’ve seen before.

A vast undercity from which a number of the best League of Legends champions hail, Zaun is quite an important location for Riot Games’ MOBA – and its’ League of Legends spin-offs like the series Arcane and the card battler Legends of Runeterra. In Convergence, it seems to serve as the main setting for the 2D platformer – so, getting it’s look right was an important part of the development process.

“From the start, our goal with Convergence was to showcase Zaun not just as the dark, polluted metropolis it’s usually portrayed as, but rather as a vivid, lively city teeming with colours”, Angelillo begins in this PlayStation Blog post. “By seeing Zaun through Ekko’s eyes, we aimed to reflect his own perspective on his home – a city of progress and a playground for adventure”.

Driven by this goal, of showcasing Zaun as Ekko would see it, everything Double Stallion Games did was informed by the words “bold, electric, and vibrant”. The studio worked closely with Riot Forge to make sure everything we’ll see in Convergence is accurate, but it “pushed the envelope with colours, design shapes, line art, and more” – drawing on League of Legends comic books as a “significant source of inspiration”.

As you can see below, this approach – coupled with a desire to present players with a diverse landscape that offers variety – has left Convergence with a surprisingly bright and beautiful world to explore. As Angelillo explains, “Convergence presented an excellent opportunity to expand upon Zaun’s environment, which had not been fully explored in the MOBA”.

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If you’re worried about depth, because Convergence is a 2D platformer, don’t be: this game will have “multiple layers of parallaxing assets” with “constant on-screen movement” to keep the world feeling lively – a world you can explore when the Convergence A League of Legends Story release date rolls around.

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