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League of Legends patch 13.9 sends zombie Sion to the grave quicker

AD Sion players are set to suffer in the next League of Legends update, while patch 13.9 of the PC MOBA is also set to bring major changes to Kayle and Neeko.

League of Legends patch 13.9 Sion nerf: Sion

Riot Games has just revealed the League of Legends patch 13.9 changelist, and AD Sion players are in for a particularly rough time. While not a major patch for the MOBA game in terms of balance tweaks overall, the new update will reintroduce major updates for two of the Rift’s denizens.

Sharing the patch notes to the ‘LoLDev’ Twitter account, Riot says that Sion’s passive decay will last “about 1-1.5s shorter to account for the durability update and Heartsteel”. While this does mean that Sion most likely won’t be able to pick up as many Heartsteel stacks in zombie form when played as a tank, the bigger casualty is his Prowler’s Claw build path. Simon ‘Thebausffs’ Hofverberg enjoyers will not be shilling.

Patch 13.9 will also herald the arrival of Neeko’s midscope update, as well as significant tweaks to Kayle – particularly her ult which will now allow her to continue fighting while casting. You’ll definitely want to swot up on the changes to both champions before you jump back into the LoL ranks.

Elsewhere in the patch you’ll find the usual suite of buffs and nerfs, though only a small number of champions have been adjusted this time around. Aatrox, Amumu, Swain, Trundle, and Volibear have all been buffed, while Jinx joins Sion on the nerf list. Adjustments have been made to Bel’Veth and Taliyah with the scope to make the former feel “a bit better clearing the jungle”, and to give the latter the ability to “chase down enemies” with her ultimate.

League of Legends patch 13.9 Sion nerf: changelist

Finally, the only item change we’ll receive in 13.9 comes in the form of a 10AP buff to Lich Bane. Again, it’s not the biggest patch, but the changes could stand to have a significant impact on how certain matchups play out.