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Vargo 52 Warzone unlock - how to get the new Black Ops Cold War assault rifle

There’s another new assault rifle coming to Call of Duty Warzone Pacific Season 2 - here’s how to unlock the Vargo 52 for your Warzone loadouts

Warzone Vargo 52 Unlock: An image of an operator using the Vargo 52 assault rifle in Black Ops cold War

The Vargo 52 is a new assault rifle being introduced to Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Pacific in Season 2. Boasting a high fire rate and improved muzzle velocity, this could have a huge impact on the Warzone meta with the right attachments.

The Vargo 52 isn’t going to be anything special to look at, similar in appearance to Vanguard’s Volkssturmgewehr, but it could be something special when it comes to your loadout. With a manageable upwards recoil pattern and a decent damage range, this weapon is going to be a fantastic option for mid-range gunfights.

On paper, it’s ticking a lot of the right boxes – but is the Vargo 52 going to struggle against the weapons at the top of our best Warzone guns list? Only time will tell. For now, we’ve got everything you need to know about how you can unlock the Vargo 52 in Warzone Pacific Season 2. It’s not going to be easy, though.

Vargo 52 Warzone unlock

The Vargo 52 can be unlocked in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War by dealing 1000 damage in 15 different completed matches using an assault rifle. If you’re looking for something a little easier, you can also unlock it through Black Ops Cold War Zombies by eliminating 750 enemies using a triple Pack-a-Punched assault rifle.

Players will also be able to unlock access to the Vargo 52 by purchasing the Ferro Fury Reactive Masterclass Tracer Pack from March 4. This bundle includes the Ferrofluid weapon blueprint for the Vargo 52. You will still need to complete the unlock challenges above to access the base weapon blueprint, however.

Well, that’s all there is to it – everything you need to know about how you can unlock the Vargo 52 in Warzone. Is this going to make it into our guide to the best Warzone loadouts? It’s entirely possible.