Six Vanguard guns that could dominate the Warzone meta

Based on what we've seen in multiplayer, we list what we think will be the best Vanguard guns to use in Warzone Pacific Season 1

Three Warzone operators point their weapons in different directions as they storm an airfield on Caldera

Call of Duty Vanguard’s Warzone integration is nearly upon us. In just a few days time, a shedload of WW2-era weapons will be dumped into the battle royale as Vanguard’s arsenal joins the already enormous lineup of guns from Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War.

While some of the best Warzone guns from the previous main series games – such as Modern Warfare’s Kar98k rifle or the or Black Ops Cold War’s AK-47 – will continue to be used in players’ loadouts, you can bet your bottom dollar that some of the best Vanguard guns will be just as devastating on the new battlefield of Caldera. That got us thinking; with Warzone using the same engine as Vanguard, which WW2 guns are going to shoot right to the top of the Warzone meta?

From what we’ve learned in multiplayer, there are several weapons that boast incredible stats, attributes, or attachments that would make them perfect guns for Warzone. So, let’s take a look at six guns that we think are going to blow the opposition away in Warzone Pacific Season 1 and become some of the best Warzone guns in the game.


One of the most underrated assault rifles in Vanguard multiplayer is the NZ-41, and from our time using the gun, we think it’s going to be a great fit for Warzone – with the right attachments, of course.

With a medium fire rate, decent damage and damage range stats, and attachments that can improve its average ammo capacity and recoil control, we think the NZ-41 has the potential to be the next meta-topping AR. Modern Warfare had the AMAX. Black Ops Cold War had the EM2. Now Vanguard may give us the next top-tier assault rifle.


We’ve got a hunch that the M1928 is going to be an absolute monster if you love aggressive SMG play. While it’s rather wayward and weak when trying to accurately beam at mid-range, the M1928 is a close-range slayer that could usurp popular shredders like the MAC-10 and the OTs 9.

It’s got a fast rate of fire, great mobility, and with the right attachments you can make a decent hip fire build. But it has one ace card that its Cold War rivals don’t – a massive ammo mag. With access to a 100-round magazine attachment, the M1928 boasts LMG levels of ammo. If you want to play aggressive and take out a whole squad without reloading, this might be the best Warzone gun for you in Season 1.

Vanguard’s PPSH-41 also looks to be a similarly ferocious close-range gun, but with that enormous magazine size, and it being unlocked by players earlier, we reckon the M1928 will see more usage.

Two Vanguard players grapple in the middle of a gunfight. One is wielding a melee weapon resembling a baton, the other has an assault rifle in hand


While in our humble opinion there are superior assault rifles to the STG44 in Vanguard, it does have a couple of aces up its sweaty little sleeve that could make it a nightmare to play against in Season 1 of Warzone Pacific.

Not only will the majority of players have it fully levelled up and have access to all the best attachments, thanks to it being the first assault rifle you get access to in Vanguard, it also has the Vital proficiency.

Vital increases the area for critical damage, essentially making headshots much easier to get. This, it’s fair to say, has been completely busted in Vanguard multiplayer, and the STG44 has been putting up ridiculous time to kill numbers. Dying to a Vital STG44 can genuinely feel like getting sniped. It’s that powerful. If it remains as strong in Warzone, you’ll be sending players to the Caldera Gulag in an instant.


When it comes to submachine guns in Vanguard, the MP40 has so far been the most popular choice. In a similar fashion to the STG44, it’s the first weapon in its class players get their hands on, so expect to see plenty of fully-levelled MP40 loadouts in Warzone too.

While at super close range it may get outgunned by faster-firing SMGs like the OTs 9, MAC-10, or even the M1928 mentioned earlier, the MP40 could take on more of a Bullfrog/LC10 role from previous metas, giving you decent accuracy and mid-range oomph. A good choice as a sniper support, perhaps?

An operator in Call of Duty Vanguard's Shipment map fires a light machine gun at an enemy player while crouched on top of some shipping containers

MG 42

There are a couple of LMGs in Vanguard’s lineup that look like they could be effective in Warzone, but the MG 42 certainly reminds us of one of the battle royale’s more recent cases of brokenweaponitis.

You all remember Black Ops Cold War’s MG 82 right? Fast-firing, big magazine, low recoil. Well, the MG 42 feels extremely similar with the right attachments, and we hazard a guess that it can shred in similar fashion too.

With a 125-round mag as standard as well, you probably won’t need a magazine attachment, which will often drag down other stats in exchange for more bullets.

Combat Shotgun

Warzone wouldn’t be Warzone without an irritating shotgun meta, and Vanguard’s Combat Shotgun could be the next contender. We’ve already seen it do some heinous things in some of Vangaurd’s smaller maps, and as a close-range secondary, it’s probably going to inflict similar terror in Warzone Pacific Season 1.

The Einhorn Revolving and the Gracey Auto are also extremely strong shotguns. Either one of these three could blast a hole in the Warzone meta, but the Combat Shotgun is likely going to be the one players have levelled up as it’s proving to be the most popular choice in Vanguard at the moment.

The only sticking point may be the max magazine sizes of these Vanguard shotguns, as existing shotties like the Gallo SA12 or the Streetsweeper can offer you more lead for clearing out big squads. But for solos and duos, the Combat Shotgun and its pals might be great picks.

A female operator stands on the roof of a building while shooting down at enemy players on the new Warzone map, Caldera

Whatever the Season 1 Battle Pass guns are

As a final bonus entry, we’re looking into our crystal ball – but this is an educated guess, rather than a blind shot in the dark. We’ve seen it on plenty of occasions before during both the Modern Warfare and Cold War eras, but guns in the seasonal Battle Passes are, more often than not, very good.

For the first season of Warzone Pacific, we can certainly see Activision chucking in at least one overpowered gun into the Battle Pass for players to wreak havoc with. We could be wrong, but it’s rare that a seasonal weapon doesn’t offer players a strong option for their loadouts – even if it is only fleetingly before a nerf.

So those are our predictions as to which of the best Vanguard guns will also terrorise the Warzone meta in Season 1. With promises of a smooth and seamless integration, it will be intriguing to see how the Vanguard guns feel in a battle royale setting, and if some of the top weapons from Modern Warfare and Cold War can go toe to toe with them.