Warzone devs increase players’ base health for Vanguard Royale

In Raven Software's latest Warzone Season 2 patch notes, it has re-added UAVs and increased base health to 150 in Warzone's Vanguard Royale mode

Warzone Pacific March 2 Patch Notes Vanguard Royale: Two images, one of Polina in a gas mask and another of a plane

March 3, 2022 Despite announcing on March 2 that UAVs would return to Vanguard Royale and cost $9,000, Raven has now decided they will cost $6,000.

A new Call of Duty Warzone update has gone live, and while it’s mostly full of bug fixes, there are some interesting things happening to the Vanguard Royale game mode.

In Raven Software’s latest patch notes, it reveals that the base health of players in Vanguard Royale is being increased by 50%. While you traditionally have 100 base health, in Vanguard Royale you will now have 150. That means when you’re fully plated up, you’ll have a total of 300 health.

Explaining why this change has been made, Raven says that it agrees “with the feedback that the Time-to-Kill (TTK) has crept beyond the sweet spot and hope that this adjustment will improve Player experience and sentiment.” While this is usually done with blanket nerfs to certain weapons or attachments, Raven’s seemingly taking a different approach this time around with quite a drastic, gameplay-altering change.

The only other time base health has been changed in Warzone is for the competitive-focused Iron Trials mode, which returns tomorrow on Rebirth Island. This sees base health jacked up to 250 to create far longer TTKs.

As well as the base health change, UAVs are back in Vanguard Royale after their removal from Buy Stations earlier in the year. In the original version of the patch notes on March 2, Raven said that UAVs would cost $9,000, but a day later it reverted this decision, and they will now cost $6,000.

On top of the Vanguard Royale changes, there are also fixes to some broken barrel attachments for the MP40 and the Bren, two of the best Warzone guns right now, and a damage nerf for the XM4, which has seen an increase in popularity recently.

On top of that, there’s around a dozen smaller bug fixes – but there’s no fix yet for the recently discovered perk exploit that allows players to run an extra perk on their weapons with deadly results.