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Warzone’s April Fool’s Totally Normal modes are anything but

Call of Duty Warzone cranks up the chaos in its battle royale for one day only, with bonkers new Totally Normal BR and Totally Normal Rebirth Resurgence modes

Warzone Totally Normal: A split image of a Warzone operator dropping in over Caldera and a female operator firing a submachine gun

Call of Duty Warzone players are absolutely loving the bonkers new Totally Normal BR and Totally Normal Rebirth Resurgence modes that have just been added to the battle royale. These limited time modes see loadouts given out like candy, RPG rocket boosting, and plenty more madness.

With it being April Fool’s Day, it’s clear that Raven Software wants to have a bit of fun with its players rather than simply trolling or putting out mildly amusing misinformation. Luckily, The Loadout wouldn’t stoop to that level either. Oh, what was that? We did? Hang on…twice? Ah, well.

While Warzone’s core game modes have been undergoing some big changes recently in order to improve the experience and make a solid battle royale, The Totally Normal modes throw caution to the wind to promote absolute mayhem. In Totally Normal BR on Caldera, players take no fall damage and can’t use parachutes, have immediate access to loadout drops, and any self-inflicted explosive damage will yeet them in the opposite direction – which, if you fire a rocket at your feet, means several metres into the air. It’s trickshot time, baby.

Meanwhile, on Totally Normal Rebirth Resurgence, the carnage of Rebirth Island is cranked up to 11 with constant loadout drops and players respawning back in with full specialist.

This event isn’t going to be around long, so if you want to find out what Warzone would be like if it was developed by nine-year-olds, you haven’t got too long to find out.

Oh, and with all those loadout drops flying around, make sure you take a look at the best Warzone guns right now to ensure you’re running the most disgusting class possible. You’re gonna need it.