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Warzone Secrets of the Pacific locations and how to complete

Here are all the locations for the six Warzone Secrets of the Pacific challenges, and what you need to do to complete the event.

Warzone Secrets of the Pacific locations: A WW2-era soldier in a red military cap charges with an assault rifle in hand. Behind him, an explosion goes off

 This content is no longer available in-game following the discontinuation of support for the Black Ops Cold War version of Warzone.

In the build-up to the Call of Duty Warzone map Caldera, an intel-finding event dropped to get players in the mood: Secrets of the Pacific. It was the penultimate event before we had to say goodbye to Verdansk for good, though it did deliver on some long-running theories.

This event required you to scour Verdansk for six individual objects from the World War Two era that Caldera is set in. Finding each object earned you a reward, and finding all six got you a delicious blueprint fit for any STG44 Vanguard class. While the in-game menu offered you some hints and clues about where to find each bit of intel, finding the individual objects was a bit tricky. To add to the difficulty, you had to also survive at least one round of the gas closing in or win the match to lock in your object and complete the challenge. It was certainly time to pull out the best Warzone loadout.

This treasure hunt took you all across Verdansk. From notable landmarks to small buildings you’d usually walk right past, to the newly-opened Warzone mines. However, with the discontinuation of support for Black Ops Cold War’s version of Warzone and the removal of Verdansk ’84, this content is no longer accessible in-game.

Warzone Secrets of the Pacific Locations

The Secrets of the Pacific locations in Warzone were as follows:

  • Underneath Prison
  • Inside Hospital
  • In Promenade West electrical store
  • Underneath Old Mine
  • Inside Airport terminal
  • Inside one of the World War Two bunkers

This handy map from ‘Killer Stidge’ showed you the locations for each Secrets of the Pacific object. Note that for the challenge titled Secrets, the object you were looking for could be in either one of the three WW2 Warzone bunkers. This was random for each game, so you had to check multiple bunkers to find what you’re looking for.

This handy video from ‘Geeky Pastimes’ below also showed you the quickest ways to find each object, and exactly which objects you were looking for. They ranged from old cash registers to tiny models of warships, to a table tennis paddle.

It’s worth noting that the object in Old Mine – a box of dynamite – could spawn both on top of the rail cart shown in Geeky Pastimes video, but also underneath a table nearby as well.

How to complete Warzone Secrets of the Pacific

Hunting down all six Warzone Secrets of the Pacific locations was only the start of this challenge, as once you found an object you had to then survive for a certain amount of time or win the match you were in to lock it in.

Warzone’s Secrets of the Pacific challenges could only be completed in standard Battle Royale playlists because of this. Once you located and interacted with an object, a message would appear on-screen telling you to survive a certain number of gas circles (ranging from one to four) or be the last one standing by winning the match.

Unlike past events, simply hot-dropping onto the object to tick off a challenge was not an option here. This required survival skills as well as being able to track down each object.

Note that this event could also be completed in Call of Duty Vanguard with a different set of requirements – and they were actually a lot easier and quicker to complete than the Warzone set. If you didn’t own Vanguard, though, you had no choice but to slog away at finding all the Warzone Secrets of the Pacific locations and surviving.