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Warzone’s buffed SMG attachments can turn you into Usain Bolt

Warzone Season 4 has some broken SMG attachments, according to YouTuber JGOD, that will give ridiculously high movement speed in the battle royale

Warzone Season 4 SMG attachment buff: An operator in a black and red coat runs with an SMG in his hands

Call of Duty Warzone Season 4’s new SMG, the Marco 5, is a bit of a menace if we’re being honest. Not only is this fast-firing gun reminiscent of the deadly MAC-10, it can also be a dual-wielded weapon thanks to its Akimbo proficiency. Oh, and thanks to some pretty ridiculous movement speed stats, it can turn you into an Olympic sprinter too.

That’s because the Season 4 update buffed (and potentially broke) a couple of attachments that can be used on all of the Vanguard SMGs in Warzone, giving you lightning fast movement speed. While all Vanguard SMGs can benefit from this, your already speedy Marco 5 Warzone loadout can be dialled up to eleven by using a certain combination of attachments.

As ‘JGOD’ shows in his latest YouTube video, using attachments such as the Mark VI Skeletal and the Taped Grip will boost your movement speed up to Usain Bolt levels, showing a hilarious side-by-side comparison of this Marco 5 build and a max movement speed build of the MAC-10.

When you’ve got this much pace, your enemies will find you much harder to hit as well as harder to catch if you’re low on health and running for the hills.

The benefits of using Vanguard SMGs seem to be enormous right now – so enormous that we can definitely see this getting nerfed in an update in the not too distant future.

But while the likes of the Marco 5 are firmly on the list of the best Warzone guns, you might as well get some use out of them while they’re still overpowered.