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Warzone Pacific Season 2’s huge patch notes feature 6,000 words of changes

Raven Software doesn’t do things by half, do they? The Warzone Pacific Season 2 patch notes are over 6,000 words long

Warzone Season 2 patch notes: a split image of two operators in Warzone. The first is a female operator firing her weapon. The second is a male operator in a ghillie suit running across a bridge

For the last couple of months, Warzone players have been critical of Raven Software in regards to the state of the popular Call of Duty battle royale. Thankfully, it looks like the meaningful change players have been wanting is finally here with the Warzone Pacific Season 2 patch notes. This might not be the biggest update we’ve seen hit our hard drives in terms of file size, but the patch notes clock in at well over 6,000 words – that’s a lot of weapon balancing, quality of life improvements, and everything else in between.

Raven Software’s minor delay to the launch of Warzone Pacific Season 2 sounds like it could have paid off, as there are hundreds of fixes and balancing changes being implemented to Warzone and a heap of new content for players to experience in both Caldera and Rebirth Island.

Among the hundreds of balancing changes, popular weapons in the Warzone meta – like the Bren, the Owen Gun, and the MP40 – have been nerfed. This could mean a huge shakeup is coming; the best Warzone guns are going to have to contend with some incredible newcomers from the Season 2 battle pass, too.

Interestingly, Raven is also bringing back AI guards – something we haven’t seen since the addition of Nakatomi Plaza to Verdansk ‘84 last year. These guards are going to be located around the new Warzone Pacific research labs and the new Chemical Factory POI. With both of these locations the best place to get your hands on the new Nebula V ammo pickup, it’s not going to be easy to take on your enemies with the new equipment.

Raven’s gameplay tweaks and technical changes go beyond weapons, though. Work has been done on all aspects of Warzone Pacific – even the parachutes! Weapon XP earn rates have been altered, aim assist strength has been tweaked, and gas mask animations have been changed to improve player experience. Playing Warzone Pacific should be a lot smoother going forwards.

There’s still a long way to go with Warzone Pacific, but it’s clear that Raven Software is listening to fans and working to improve every aspect of this game. It seems like all we needed to do was to wait for all of the changes to drop at once.