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Warzone’s new Roze skin is aptly named Night Terror

It took a while for Raven Software to nerf the all-black original Roze skin, but there’s a new bundle in Warzone and it contains another new “Roze skin”

When it comes to in-game issues, Call of Duty Warzone players deal with a lot. From unbalanced weapons that scrap any notion of a Warzone meta to game-breaking bugs, this battle royale is far from perfect. But, these issues are all outside of our control as players. It’s just part of the game, right? Well… Not exactly. There are some issues that players do have control over – like using Roze’s infamous Rook skin, which was available in Warzone’s first Season 5 battle pass. This all-black operator skin made the user practically invisible in low-light locations, which left many considering that this was a pay-to-win cosmetic. Raven Software eventually nerfed the skin, but there’s a new Florence skin coming to Warzone on June 30 and players fear that this will just be a new Roze skin.

What new Roze skin are Warzone players afraid of, though? Well, the aptly-named Night Terror Florence skin will be available in both Warzone and Call of Duty Vanguard as part of the Violet Stealth Pro Pack. This bundle comes with two legendary weapon blueprints, a handful of other themed cosmetics, and 2,400 COD Points – however, the Night Terror operator skin is the main attraction.

As a Pro Pack, rather than just a standard cosmetics bundle, Warzone players who want to take advantage of the new Roze skin before its possible nerf will need to pay actual money for the privilege.

This skin is, essentially, going to cost players roughly £17 / $ 20 – a fact that feels to reinforce some players’ concerns that this is going to be another pay-to-win skin. However, at the moment, those concerns are based on speculation – rather than hard evidence. Not to mention that the Night Terror skin isn’t technically completely black; it does sport a splash of purple, accenting the skin, as you can see below.

Warzone new Roze skin Night Terror bundle: an image of the new skin with the bundle's title

The Call of Duty Blog states that players can “become the living embodiment of fear with this new Pro Pack” and the Night Terror Florence skin. If there’s justification for the concerns that this is going to be Warzone’s new Roze skin, then we’re expecting fear to be just one of several reactions players have towards this cosmetic.

New Roze skin or not, it isn’t going to hurt to refresh yourself on the best Warzone guns available right now and some of the best Warzone loadouts for Season 4. Who knows, you might find a new favourite.