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Warzone’s King Kong and Godzilla won’t be as annoying as Krampus

A credible Warzone leaker reports that King Kong and Gozilla will roam the map in Warzone Season 3's Operation Monarch, but won't stalk you like Krampus

Warzone Godzilla King Kong: A split image of Godzilla and a Warzone operator pointing a machine gun

When we first learned about the Warzone Operation Monarch event featuring everyone’s favourite city-levelling monsters Godzilla and King Kong, many were wondering if we would only see and battle the beasts in cutscenes or scripted in-game events. However, a credible Call of Duty leaker seems to suggest Kong and Godzilla will be terrorising Caldera during actual battle royale matches – but they apparently won’t be stalking you like everyone’s (least) favourite Christmas creep, Krampus.

Call of Duty leaker ‘TheGhostOfHope’ reports on Twitter that King Kong and Godzilla will “roam the map of Caldera during matches”, adding another strategic layer to where you want to drop or rotate to. Do you risk being sent to the Gulag by these colossi, or do your best to avoid them?

Luckily, it looks as if Raven Software has learned from past events, with TheGhostOfHope claiming that this will not be a “Krampus situation”. Over the Christmas period, the majority of game modes in both Warzone and Call of Duty Vanguard would see this horned anti-Santa wreak havoc by locking on to players and attacking them.

The novelty of this soon wore thin, with many Call of Duty fans labelling it as one of the worst events and game mechanics in the series’ history.

Because of this, it appears Raven Software will not be doing the same with Kong and ‘Zilla. Thank god.

TheGhostOfHope says that if you want to avoid the two titans, you can quite easily. This either means they will be restricted to a certain POI each, or you will be able to see where they will spawn that match and track their route as they roam around Caldera.

A lot of prominent leakers and members of the community are also hinting and predicting that you will be able to battle King Kong and Godzilla, and defeating them will lead to them dropping high-tier, desirable loot.

This is all, of course, unconfirmed right now, but the Warzone Season 3 patch notes should let us know a little more when they drop. It’s also not clear if, like Krampus, King Kong and Godzilla will be present in all Caldera-based modes. We know already from a blog post that “Operation Monarch will introduce a new game mode for Quads based on several classic experiences with a titan-sized twist”, but it’s unclear if this is the only experience where the two monsters will be featured, or whether this will be a special mode to house a specific in-game event with Kong and Godzilla appearing in regular BR matches too.

Whatever happens, make sure that if you’re running head-first into a three hundred feet-tall lizard, go equipped with the best Warzone guns.