CX-9 Warzone loadout – best attachments, perks, and equipment

Here's how to dominate with the CX-9 in Warzone Season 5

A CX-9 submachine gun in Warzone, painted in a white and blue camo, set against a black background

After months of appearing, disappearing, and lurking in game files, the elusive CX-9 submachine gun is finally in Call of Duty: Warzone. The CX-9 is a Modern Warfare gun that offers a high rate of fire with surprisingly decent accuracy, making it a great up-close shredder.

As with any new addition to the Warzone arsenal, players are scrambling to find out the best possible loadout for the CX-9. While it might not set the Warzone meta on fire, this is definitely a viable SMG that could see a fair bit of usage in Warzone Season 5.

There are some drawbacks to the CX-9, however, that need ironing out if you’re planning to go on a rampage in Verdansk. With a small magazine and relatively poor damage range, you’ll need to be smart with the attachments you use and the gun you pair it with in your CX-9 loadout.

Have no fear, as we’ve found what might just be the best CX-9 class for you to use in Warzone Season 5.

CX-9 Warzone loadout

  • Monolithic Suppressor
  • CX-FR Stock
  • Merc Foregrip
  • 50 Round Drums
  • Sleight of Hand

This CX-9 Warzone build from ‘JGOD’ looks to be the most balanced way to set up the SMG, with the Monolithic Suppressor helping out with damage range and the 50 Round Drums boosting your magazine size.

Being a Modern Warfare weapon, you can also have a weapon perk as an attachment. Sleight of Hand is extremely useful here, as the CX-9’s rapid fire rate will burn through bullets rather quickly, meaning a quick reload will be very beneficial.

We recommend partnering the CX-9 with the Krig 6 – Warzone’s most popular and dependable assault rifle right now. The Krig offers that long-range coverage you’ll need with a CX-9 in your loadout. For the best Krig build, check out our Krig Warzone loadout guide.

CX-9 Warzone loadout perks

This is a pretty bread-and-butter Warzone loadout, so we don’t need anything too radical in the perks department. Double Time, Overkill, and Amped will serve you well.

CX-9 Warzone loadout equipment

For this CX-9 Warzone class, we think a Heartbeat Sensor and Semtex is your best combination of equipment to take into battle.

It’s still early doors for the CX-9, but it’s quickly becoming one of the best Warzone guns, so get in quick before it’s nerfed. If you’re yet to unlock the gun, find out how in our CX-9 Warzone unlock guide.