C58 Warzone loadout best attachments and class setup

The C58 is one of Warzone's best assault rifles in Warzone. Here's how to set up the ultimate C58 loadout

A Warzone operator poses with the C58 assault rifle in front of flames and destruction in the background

In Call of Duty Warzone, there is arguably no weapon class as important as the assault rifle class. The majority of players will have one in their loadout, and high-skill ARs – such as the powerful C58 – are the tool of choice for Warzone’s best players.

When it comes to overall K/D ratio, the C58 currently beats any other assault rifle in the current Warzone meta. The C58 aims to deal high damage but with a slow rate of fire. It certainly feels odd to use after playing with more traditional ARs, but it can certainly put a shift in.

So is the C58 one of the best Warzone guns? Well, the short answer is “yes”. While it’s nowhere near as popular as the likes of the STG44 or the Automaton, it’s far more powerful than the rest of its class when in the right hands. This is not a gun for casual players, but for high-skill players it’s one of the best options out there.

C58 Warzone loadout

Here is the best C58 Warzone loadout for Warzone Pacific Season 1:

  • Agency Suppressor
  • 18.5″ Task Force
  • Axial Arms 3x
  • STANAG 55 Rnd Mag
  • Field Agent Grip

For the best C58 loadout, you’ll want to build this gun out to make its strengths (damage and bullet velocity) even stronger. Because of the base weapon’s ridiculously low recoil, adding in a Field Agent Grip means this gun is basically a laser beam.

Attachments like the Agency Suppressor and Task Force barrel make this gun feel like it is hitscan.

This C58 is fleshed out for medium range, but is still decent at long ranges too. Where it struggles is up close, due to its slow rate of fire. What you’ll need then is an SMG to pair it with.

C58 warzone loadout secondary

There are several options for this, but we recommend the Vanguard PPSh-41. With a savage rate of fire and a big magazine, it’s the perfect partner for the C58. Check out our best PPSh-41 Warzone loadout guide for the best attachments.

C58 Warzone loadout perks and equipment

For perks, you’ll be just fine with the standard trio of Double Time, Overkill, and Amped.

For equipment, we recommend using Stun Grenades and Semtex.

The C58 remains extremely strong in the Vanguard era of Warzone. Definitely consider it if you think you’ve got the skills to contain it.