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The Automaton has been nerfed in Warzone Pacific after just a week

The Automaton quickly established itself as one of the best Warzone guns, and Raven Software has swooped in to nerf it

The Automaton assault rifle has quickly become one of the best Warzone guns in Warzone Pacific Season 1. It’s low recoil, large magazine attachments, and decent damage numbers make it an easy-to-use laser beam for the masses.

However, its efficacy hasn’t gone unnoticed by Warzone developers Raven Software. Just one week on from the release of Warzone Pacific and the introduction of Vanguard guns to the battle royale, the Automaton has been hit with a nerf. Not only has the Automaton’s recoil been increased to make it less accurate, but its Sakura 75 Round Drums magazine attachment will now also give you a harsher movement speed penalty. This is one of the key attachments in the majority of Automaton Warzone loadouts, so will affect a lot of players.

As a peace offering, the 8mm Klauser Rifle 50 Round Mag for the Automaton has had its movement speed buffed, so there’s still a viable option for those that want a more fast-paced Automaton class.

Interestingly, the Automaton is not the only Vanguard gun to be affected in today’s update. The Bren LMG, despite not being overly popular, receives a small nerf to its neck damage multiplier, while the Type 100 SMG has had its high-damage 20-round magazine attachment changed to a 30-round mag instead.

At the end of last week, several Vanguard SMGs and the NZ-41 assault rifle were all given a once over by Raven. While there were far more changes in that update than in today’s, the fact that the extremely popular Automaton has been targeted arguably makes it even more significant.

Check out the full patch notes, which also includes a few bug fixes for Warzone Pacific, right here.