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Warzone 2 how to unlock the Chimera

Are you wondering how to unlock the Chimera in Warzone 2? Well look no further as this article will tell you exactly what you need to do

Warzone 2 Unlock Chimera: A soldier can be seen holding a weapon

The Chimera is one of four new weapons in Warzone 2 Season 1 and you are probably wondering how to unlock it. Well, thankfully, this article will have all the information you need to know about how to unlock the Chimera in Warzone 2.

Below you can get an overview of the weapon and where and what you need to do, just in case it shakes up the formula and becomes one of the best Warzone 2 assault rifles. For a loadout that makes the gun a force to be reckoned with our Warzone 2 Chimera loadout guide should help you out.

How to unlock the Chimera in Warzone 2

When the Chimera is added into Warzone 2 Season 1 Reloaded, you will be able to unlock it via a weapon challenge or a store bundle. The challenge is:

  • Extract weapon from DMZ Building 21
  • Get 2 operator kills with assault rifles in 16 separate matches

Overall, this is pretty easily, especially if you are playing Modern Warfare 2. DMZ Building 21 isn’t on the Warzone 2 Al Mazrah map so finding it is a bit more of a challenge.

Now you know how to unlock the Chimera in Warzone 2, you can check out some of the other Season 1 additions, including the new Warzone 2 battle pass map sectors and the latest Warzone 2 patch notes.