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Warzone 2 battle pass map sectors explained

If you're confused about the Warzone 2 battle pass map sectors and how they work, let us help you - here's everything you need to know about the new system

Warzone 2 battle pass map sectors: Farah with other operators in Warzone 2

What are the Warzone 2 battle pass map sectors and what do they mean? If you’re a returning Call of Duty: Warzone player, you might notice that the battle pass screen looks a hell of a lot different from the previous offerings in-game. Now, instead of a linear path that you progress through as you climb the ranks, players have a map to explore, full of locked sectors.

These locked sectors take a little bit of getting used to at first, mainly because they’re so different from the system that came before. To help you along though, we’ve got the lowdown on the battle pass sectors so you can unlock the best Warzone 2 guns with ease.


Warzone 2 battle pass map sectors

In the Warzone 2 battle pass, you’re presented with a total of 22 sectors. A1-A20 represent the main battle pass and the items you can unlock, while A0 and the Victory Sector represent the start and end sectors. Each sector has five rewards. There are four core rewards that you must unlock using tokens to earn the High-Value Target – the main and final reward in a sector. You can earn anything from a gun charm to a skin, or an operator in any given sector.

To start, you’ll work from A0 and move into A1. Once you’ve unlocked everything inside A1, you can move to any of the adjacent tiles. This basically means that you can prioritise the cosmetics and blueprints that fit your playstyle, rather than focusing on a skin for a gun that you never use.

Warzone 2 battle pass map sectors: the battle pass map in Warzone 2 with A1 highlighted

You can find out more about Warzone 2 battle pass tokens in our guide on how to earn battle tokens in Warzone 2, but you’ll be able to earn them as you progress through the game, both in Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2.

And that’s how the Warzone 2 battle pass map sectors work. To get your grind on and be in with the best shot of earning tokens, make sure to equip the best Warzone 2 SMG, best Warzone 2 assault rifle, and best Warzone 2 sniper rifle for your next game.