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Is Warzone 2 a separate game to download?

Are you wondering is Warzone 2 a separate game? Well here is the answer and how you can download the game onto your console or PC

Is Warzone 2 a Separate Game: A soldier can be seen

Is Warzone 2 a separate game to download? If you are looking to jump directly into the battle royale you may be wondering how exactly you can play and download the game onto your platform of choice.

Well, if Warzone 2 is to become one of the best battle royale games, then you will need to jump in early and this guide will take you through what you need to do. Check out our guide below on how you can play.

Is Warzone 2 a separate game?

Warzone 2 is a separate game, completely standalone from the yearly Call of Duty releases, as well as Modern Warfare 2. As it is free-to-play, it can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store, PlayStation Store, or Steam without needing to own any other game in the series. If you already have Modern Warfare 2 installed though, you just need to add Warzone 2 to your library and install an update for the game.

If you do own Modern Warfare 2 though, you will get a number of bonuses for the game including more XP to level up and increase your weapon level. The season progress with the Warzone 2 battle pass will also transfer over to Modern Warfare 2 as well, interlinking the two games as we have seen with older Call of Duty games.

With the links to the store above, you can now download the game and understand exactly how Warzone 2 is a separate game from other Call of Duty times. If you are looking for more information ahead of jumping in check out our guide on the Warzone 2 weapons and the new Warzone 2 map you play on.