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How to get a loadout in Warzone 2

If you are wondering how to get a loadout in Warzone 2 then let us take you through the ways you can get one while playing in a match

Warzone 2 How To Get A Loadout: A Buy Station can be seen

If you are new to Warzone 2 or a veteran player from the original game, you may be curious how you can grab a custom loadout. With this sequel, Raven Software and Infinity Ward have made a number of changes to how to get a loadout in Warzone 2.

Grabbing a loadout can really help you out with winning or possibly allow you to go all the way and get a nuke in Warzone 2. And, once you have read through the guide below, you can check out our best Warzone 2 loadouts and best Warzone 2 guns guide to see what you should build your classes around.

How to get a loadout in Warzone 2

To get a loadout in Warzone 2 you need to do one of the following:

  • Grab one from a loadout drop
  • Gain control of a Stronghold 

Loadout drops fall randomly from the sky throughout a match so there is no way to actively work towards one. You will just need to keep an eye out in the skies and then rush over to the drop once the care packages land on the map.

When it comes to Strongholds, these can be found across the map with three locations in Al Mazrah. They are marked once the circle begins to close and you will need to kill the AI soldiers and disarm the bomb in the Stronghold. Doing so will shower you with loot and a loadout drop.

On top of these methods, you can also purchase your custom setup for a primary weapon from a buy station on a map. But, this doesn’t give you the full loadout, just a custom weapon on its own with the attachments you have created in the Warzone 2 Gunsmith.

Those are the two ways to get a loadout in Warzone 2. As you can see there are some big changes here with how to get a loadout, so you will need to rethink how you play to grab one. If you want a guide on what to equip onto your loadout then our best Warzone 2 perk packages guide should help you out.